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Menards / terrible experience

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I'm not writing about a bad purchase experience with Menards although I have some if you want them. I'm writing about my experience building a Menards. As a GC we purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars in materials from Menards and I would think that makes us a good customer but apparently there is no such thing with Menards. John Menard has created a company that specializes in walking all over anyone who stands in the way of a profit. I have never had such a hard time getting paid on any job before! We had the entire shell of the building up before they released a single dime! My excavator almost shut down the construction entrance with a his back-*** on the demand that he get paid. They used every excuse and lie to withhold payment. They flat out stole money from my contract and challenged me to try and sue them and their "office full of attorneys". I've never been so mistreated in my life. Maybe all big box stores are the same but for now I will take all my business to anyone but Menards. "Save Dirty Money at Menards" - God bless the little man.

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  • Sh
      5th of Oct, 2008
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    Did your contract say that you would get paid during the construction or when it was 100% done?

  • An
      16th of Jan, 2009
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    god bless you too. that really sucks that they couldn't pay you all the while they were misleading and everything but short of stealing from everyone else

  • Do
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    Ask why store didn't have motorized carts for handicapped customers.was told it was because of insurance. can not shop there because i can not walk long distance if you had carts i would shop longer and spend more money . so you lose my business and others i am sure. the reason for not having carts is not because of insurance it is not a sufficient reason it is discriminating against the handicap. Lowe's have them so i take the bulk of my needs to their store i like your prices but it is a inconvenience to shop in your store.

  • Nb
      9th of Nov, 2009
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    I used to work for a Menards in Rochester. They had like maybe one chair for all the people who had trouble walking. I would feel bad or those people and always wondered myself why they are so inconsiderate not only with their employees but also their customers too. That's terrible. I lost my job there this Sunday because they discriminated against me for my gender. They knew I was pregnant and therefore entitled to rights by law to keep my job. It's not that I have become irresponsible; I was just unable to live up to all these expectations in my life. They don't care.

  • Bl
      21st of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    im sorry but if you go to the store alone and are a handicapped...then you need someone else with you...the world isnt suppose to just change at your cost...i work at menards and yeah i feel bad that we dont have a lot of wheelchairs, but handicapped shouldnt be alone in the store...or bring your own goddamn wheelchair...###s...what else do you "special" "privaliged" people need? want us to do your shopping for you? bag your ### at the ###ing "self-bagging service"? wipe your ### and hold your hand around the store? get your ### together and dont shop alone if you need a wheel chair...if you are a handicapped, have a damn chair or walker with you.

  • Jr
      10th of Feb, 2013
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    Welcome to the real world, you pompous, self-centered a**. First, it does not matter whether you spend one dollar or "hundreds of thousands" of dollars, EVERY GUEST is a good guest. Why should you be any more of a "good" guest than the little old lady who spend only $10 for a new toilet seat? The amount of money you spend is completely irrelevant. Do you expect "special" treatment at your grocery store or gas stattion. Try this, you blithering idiot - next time you go to the gas station or grocery store, ask for the manager when you get to the cashier. When the manager arrives at the checkout, tell them that you spend "lots" of money in their establishment, and then ask if they will sell you the gas or milk at last week's sale prices (or a discount) - because you are such a "good customer". Perhaps the irritation you feel at the response you receive will cause a fatal heart attack, leaving more air for intelligent folks to breathe. Second, why would you expect payment BOFORE the job is complete? When you FINISH the job you get paid!!! No-one is going to "release a dime" for a shell of a building - you have unreasonable expectations. Get a life!!!

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