Mega Moving / Overcharged/ Under-delivered

Unfortunately, everything except the one message praising the company seems to be true. I think we were a bit more fortunate than some other people. We ended up getting most of our stuff back minus a bike and a missing bed piece (let me know if anyone in the LA area received an additional bed piece for our sleigh bed!). Anyone who is dealing with this company should really consider hiring a lawyer to threaten them with damages (in our case that seemed to work). We received all of our stuff on the 26th of July...12 days after we hired a lawyer, but 5 weeks after our pickup even the though they promised us that it would be there in 10 to 12 days. Here is a summary of what we went through during this time:

Dear Sir/Madam:

this company has deceived us from the very first time they gave us a quote. The quote was initially for $1, 377.04 after Erika--the sales rep at the company---had taken the list of inventory from us via the phone. The day the mover came by, a mover by the name of Kobi (a Ukrainian guy) demanded immediate payment of at least 50% of the initial estimate (I gave him $700) and told us the shipment may cost "a little more than the estimate". I asked for a revised estimated at which point he said he could not provide until every box was loaded on the truck. Much to our surprise, the revised binded estimate would now be $2, 608---almost double the initial estimate. Apparently, the sales rep, Erika, had under quoted the inventory using "small" boxes while on the phone I told her "medium" sized book boxes so naturally the cubic feet that they had quoted was exceeded by 164 cubit feet. Not only that, but apparently buried in the contract that I received via the email it said they would quote an additional $2 for each cubic feet beyond the initial estimate.

I demanded to speak with Erika and instead came on the phone with her supervisor Ray (this was before all the boxes were loaded on the truck). Ray said that Kobi could probably give us a discount and suggested that we allow the mover to load everything on the truck before he could give us a better deal if it was materially different. After Kobi the mover said it would be more than a $1, 000 more we could not get a hold of his supervisor Ray anymore. After much discussion with my wife, we reluctantly agreed to the revised estimate and we signed off on it. There was not much we could do considering that our flight would be in two days and all of our stuff was on the truck already. The truck driver/mover had the audacity to ask for a "tip" after all this headache.

We had received verbal agreement from Erika that 1) our goods would be immediately shipped to their storage facility in San Diego where we could keep our goods for up to a month for free until we found a place to live in the Southern California area and 2) that this shipment would take between 10 to 12 days. Unfortunately, both of these agreements were breached. In the contract it even specifically says in the To section of the form "**Our storage**, San Diego, CA 92101" I found out that all of our stuff was in a storage facility in New Jersey about a week and a half later after they had picked up our stuff. When I first called to enquire about our stuff, a person who called herself Wendy (which I think was really Erika or whoever she really is) told me the stuff was in storage facility in Florida and was waiting for us to notify them of the moving address since we had not supplied them with a moving address. I became very upset and told them it was supposed to be in San Diego right now. Then she hung up on me and I called back and got a man on the phone whom did not disclose his name and he hung up on me too. After that I called again and got Ray on the phone and told me I owed them $609 before they would ship it out of their storage facility in New Jersey. At this point I pointed out to him that they were taking our stuff hostage and that this could become a legal matter. Ray said to send him a money order for the $609 (which was about 50% of the remainder of the revised estimate--ea. 2608 / 2 =$1, 304 -$700 paid = $604 about). At this point I googled them on the Internet and realized we were taken for a scam. Countless other people have been taken advantage of by this company. Last week I tried to get a hold of Ray and nobody got back to us and we were even considering paying the extortion fee but nobody either calls us back or responds to our emails. Right now we are in the process of getting our stuff released with the help of an attorney but who knows how much of it we will actually get back (I heard they steal many of the valuable items after paying all the ransom amounts).

Please help us and many others by shutting this company down, and for the good of humanity.



If anyone is effected in the LA area I may be able to recommend a lawyer who is now familiar with the dealings of this company. Email me at [protected] . I will try to email you back promptly.


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