Medlife International / wrong medicines delivered - money not yet refunded

On 17th May, 2018, I had ordered for following items
1 ) Tab Glycomat GP2-60 nos
2 ) Tab Glycomat GP1-60nos
3 )Tab PPG 0.2-60 nos
4 ) Tab Lipikind -60nos
5 )Tab Clavix as75-60 nos
6 ) Tab Covance D -60 nos
7 ) Tab Unistar 20/150 -60 nos
8 ) Tab Telma H -60 nos
As per attached copies of prescription and my order was confirmed by one of your executive on phone giving me id noOR6879BI-001A, .
Next day it was modified saying insufficient stock of item no.6-Covance D . Still I OKeyed it then again on 19th it was again remodified it for shortage of item no. 7- Unister
When I confirmed it due to urgency, the order was delivered to me on 23rd May on cash payment of Rs.2260.90.
However when I opened it on 25th due to my illness on 23rd & 24th I was surprised that some skin care products were delivered to me.
Please look into the matter and return my money by taking back the wrong parcel. Or deliver my medicines urgently.
• Image of wrong medicines delivered to me is attached.What I have received-
Face-Care - 1
Vicks VepoRub
Unistar 20/150 - 4 strips of 10
Finastende IP 1mg-4 strips pf 15
Almost followed up for more than 10 times, 3 weeks have been passed but no response to any phone calls and emails.

Medlife International
Medlife International
Medlife International

Jun 08, 2018

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