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I arrived 10min late for my tooth cleaning appointment, was told to reschedule as the lady already started with another patient that was pushed in by a dentist. all ok as I was late and they can't wait for me.
The previous day I had an appointment with the dentist, this day I arrived 20 min early, waited for my appointment as well as 25min longer for the doctor to finish with another patient.
Now, what makes their time more important than mine, why can I wait 45min, they can't wait 10?
I hope they don't bill me for this appointment seeing that they didn't loose any money as another patient was already helped in my space?
I do understand the reason for appointments, Do they understand that live happens, sometimes you can't help for arriving late, and sometimes you do arrive early. Where is going the extra mile to help your patient, or is it only the patient who need them, as if we don't pay for services rendered.

Feb 12, 2015
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      Mar 17, 2015

    I totally agree with you - Rustenburg medicross is totally pathetic, they think that they are above everyone else. I refuse to use them and tell everyone how unprofessional and incompetent they really are. The receptionist has no idea what she is doing and they refuse to go the extra mile to assist patients. I asked twice on the same day, spoke to the same woman if they will accept my medical aid card. Twice she told me yes. When I got there, she yelled it out loudly in the waiting that they refuse to assist me since my medical aid has to be called to obtain authorisation for procedures. Not a damn that she would call them, that was beneath her but embarrassing me in front of a waiting room full of people was the right thing to do. If medicross cannot decide which medical aids they would LIKE to assist, then they should tell the patient to bugger off and find another dentist instead of wasting the patients time with their dead end attitude. Rustenburg oh Rustenburg most of your professional people are professional -a*holes.

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