Md Health Systems (Filter Queen) / Telemarketing Scam Targeting the Elderly

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This entire business is a rip off. The parent company is called Filter Queen, however, since their reputation is so bad, they set up offices all around the US with different names. The one I am writing about is MD Health Systems. They are Vacuum Cleaner sales people, however, they call their vacuum cleaner an air purifier. Their products cost $4000.

In order to get sales, they telemarket people and usually the elderly. They get their telemarketing phone lists from online FICA scores in order to target those who would be able to afford their outrageous prices. Now, since there are several people on the Do Not Call list, they have to cover their behind, just in case they accidentally call them. So, they start off by doing a "survey" about air quality/pollution. The last questions are if they are an employed home owner. If yes, then the victim would get a call back in 2 days.

Now, when the victim gets a call back, they are told that they won a prize. It is a cheap prize or with the vacation prize it is a time share scam. And the victim is told that in order to get their prize, they will have to listen to a 90 demonstration on a portable air purifier. However, they are told, there is no pressure, the person is a paid advertiser and this is how they advertise is word of mouth. That is a lie, they are vacuum cleaner sales men that will push you to buy a $4000 vacuum cleaner. The telemarketer will lie if you press why they are doing paid advertising and say that their product is a class 2 medical device and they cannot do commercials or anything on it.

If you agree to set the appointment to get the cheap junky prize, sometimes the sales associates will cancel on you if you are not rich enough in order to go to a richer more qualified lead. You will be asked to reschedule. Yes, you will be asked to reschedule an appointment for a salesman to sell you a vacuum cleaner.

If they are desperate for an appointment and need a "right now", then they will call the most elderly of leads, possibly with dementia. That means, they do the survey and set the appointment right then, with the sales rep going to their house within a half-hour. Some of those appointments that are set are people with Alzheimers.

The second way they scam is with scatch cards. What they do with that is send you a scratch card that makes you think you won the top prize. If you have a poker scratch card and scratch 4k7 you won a cheap serving set, or if you scratch off 4J2 you just won a BBQ equally as cheap. Yay! Or you also win whatever the sales rep feels like giving you. Its really not worth sitting through a 90 min demo on a vacuum cleaner and signing away your life savings. On the back of the card they intentionally mismatch the numbers that are scratched off with the prizes. The winner for the $10, 000 grand prize is the 3Q, but if you got that card you'll probably throw it away thinking you won the serving set.

This company is a scam and bad news. If they call ask to be put on the DO NOT CALL LIST. If you say not interested they'll keep calling you. However, if you asked to be put on the DO NOT CALL LIST then legally, they have to do it, because if they keep calling then you can sue them. If you get a scratch card just throw it away. Warn your elderly family members about them. They have no problems selling their overpriced equipment to 90-year-olds with Alzheimers.

Dec 19, 2014
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      9th of Sep, 2016

    This is sooooo true. My elderly parents were totally scammed into buying a Filter Queen vacuum and 3 air purifiers for their very small home. Plus, the sales person would have been able to tell that my parents were unable to make good decisions and that my mother can't even operate a vacuum cleaner anymore (did have a cleaning lady who would use it, but for $4000???). Within 6 months of this outrageous purchase my parents had to move to "retirement housing" - so now we have this vacuum and air purifiers that the company will not buy back from you - they tell you to sell it on Ebay. Another really bad deal with their sales is the financing they set up for the purchaser - 18% interest. My parents were paying almost as much interest every month as they were paying toward the principal. I wonder if Filter Queen and their Finance Co. are "in-bed" with one another???

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