McDonald's / workplace harassment

Ames, IA, United States

I started working at the McDonald's in Ames, Iowa on Lincoln Way in January of last year. While I was there I ran into some very unprofessional people and a few months later felt that I was working in a hostile work environment. The manager there constantly made facebook statuses about "slapping a ###" and "don't mess with me" etc which were all targeted at me. She spread gossip and rumors about at work so others would look down on me and is a pathological liar and very aggressive. During the summer things only became worse.Another manager knew what was going on and was worried for my well-being. She offered to help me fill out harassment paperwork but I chose not to knowing that the manager who was doing the harassing would find out and things would escalate even further. At one point another coworker one day warned me when I clock out just to go straight to my car in fear that she would go after me. A few days later I was in another restaurant, as I walked out she had parked beside my car and threatened to "beat my face in" if I ever glared or smirked at her again. She also told me I was worthless, my boyfriend didn't want me, that I was a ###, and so forth. She also told me to go cry to my parents because she was going to send her own parents after me. I turned in my two week notice the day after with no job security because I was afraid of what might happen if I stayed. I told a manager who was above her what had happened. She only replied, "that sounds extreme, but I'm sorry that HAD to happen to you."

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