Maybank Group / Malayan Banking Berhadpasir gudang branch/rude

A Nov 17, 2017

We are having so much problem you your pasir gudang branch with regards to cheque. Can you please explain and clarify the following:-

1. House cheque.
a: How many cheques is a person entitle to bank in at any one time over the counter.
b. How many days can these cheque be cleared.

We came to understand from one of our branch in Pasir Gudang that our personal who were being treated rudely
by the bank counter personal for a simple bank in of house cheque. Kindly investigate this as I believe in a big organisiation like your company there is bound to have this problem.
However, below is the email from our branch that indicate so.
" Quote

We are facing problem again with our Maybank here for bank in of cheque.
The Maybank staff (Counter no. 6 ) scolded our boys in front of people saying that so many times told you guys not to use cheque
and this is the last and final after this no more cheque will accepted.

Attached a form, requested to fill in by them.

Second letter received from the executive of our branch that is self explainatiory.


The maybank pasir gudang branch is trying to force their customer into online banking that is why they are reluctant to receive cheques.

This issue had been ongoing and their executive Puan Faridah early this month even advise that first 3 cheques over the counter can be cleared within a day and the remaining cheques 3
working days.

Our staffs when bank-in the cheques over the counter had to be split in two go, as they only limit one person with 4 cheques and have to wait for an hour at times or ask to return to collect slips
in the afternoon before their closing.

The maybank staffs claimed that they receive instructions from their HQ on the bank-in cheques issues.

Please seek clarification from their HQ / Bank Negara as the pasir gudang branch seems to be ignoring nor behave as a service oriented bank.


I just want a clarification that the instruction comes for HQ where this particular bank in Pasir Gudand is strictly following.
We do not have problem with our branches in KL/Penang. Why is the bank acting in such a way that we obviously need
an explaination to us. This is not the first time for your information.

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