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26/3- I bought a phone from Maxis Sunway. After payment, I realise there is 2 msg in my inbox dd 19/3 where I just bought the phone on 24/3. I demand for a change...after checking the executive in charge Amrath Gill had change me a new phone as realise is their fault and it might be internal fraud...however after key in pass code at new phone...the phone cannot log on as not able to confirm my pass code. can this be... I enter pass code 1st time and reenter 2nd time to can it be wrong..the exec Amrath Gill referred us to Machine Sunway to reset...however Machine is not authorised to reset...and I have no choice and need to send my phone to I phone service centre one utama.
And Maxis Sunway just ignore our issue.

First how can such a big company Maxis Sunway trying to sell a used/ opened phone at brand new price to the customer??
Based on the sms sequence
It might be on 19/3 there is a customer with hp no 016xxx as per the sms had purchase that unit of phone...subsequent due to debit card retail limit exceeded. ..thus the customer does not proceed to purchase the phone...
Then Maxis Sunway is trying to sell as brand new to next victim. .

2nd the exec Amrath Gill ask me to key in pass code without explaining n cause the phone locked...
I suspect the sales person who attend to me by the name of Ben should know the phone already opened/ is not brand new phone. The cashier an Indian lady as per tax invoice named Premala also know this is a used/open seal phone as she is asking me whether I want to buy the phone casing which come together with the phone..original price RM29..they can sell to me at RM24..I am not taking the offer as I do not like the casing upon payment.
Pls investigate as maxis such a big company should sell genuine product n brand new product at new retail price n do not cheat consumer.

Maxis Communications
Maxis Communications

Mar 27, 2017

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