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Max Agency / Fraudsters and cheaters

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This 'agency' is a scam. They do nothing but brainwash and manipulate innocent people. They have a policy of not speaking to anyone who is under 18, and that is because 16 year olds don't have credit cards so they cannot purchase a photo session which is essentially useless for the agent.

The office is run by a deceptive woman who is so naive, irrational, and immature. As well she has no work ethic. She spends most of her time outside smoking when she should be keeping an eye on the office. The 'owner' of the company spends zero time in the office, he shows up for a day and a 1/2 and leaves his sidekick (the deceptive woman) in charge when he's not around.

No one knows this, but 99.9% of the business Max gets is not word of mouth, it's not people seeing ads in the newspaper, Max sends scouts to large events and they approach people and ask if they want to model or be an actor. So obviously everyone is excited by this. Later on max has workers who call these people who were approached and try to con them into coming in for an evaluation and meeting with an agent. This agent will tell you whether you're nice looking or not, that you can make it big and they will try to sell you on purchasing photos, which can cost anywhere from $500-$1, 200 and it's a complete waste of money. They will tell you you won't be able to get any acting job without a head shot.

This message is here to let you know about the 'business' that goes on at Max. They say they're certified by the better business bureau. That doesn't really mean much, anyone can obtain a plaque from the government.

They work stupid hours, the staff is not allowed to use the washroom, there is a reptile of some kind that swims in a tank in the foyer and he never gets fed.

Max guarantees they will provide work for anyone who signs. 90% of the clients never see a days work in this industry.

It is very important that you take a look at this before you sign with max, you will reret it in the long run.

Thank you for your time :)

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  • Me
      3rd of Feb, 2010
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    I strongly agree and that max agency is a scam and I also want to take action by making sure it is closed down.

  • Jo
      29th of Jul, 2010
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    I signed up my daughter with them.. The only thing I ever paid for was her photos which i would've done even if she wasn't signing up for Max agency.. A lot of the complaints i've been reading online seems to be from people who signed up and didn't get anywhere in their career.. To me, that seems like they are blaming the agency for their own flaws.. They are probably too ugly to be a model but want to be one so badly and that they don't want to face the truth.. I don't think it's a scam..

  • At
      17th of Aug, 2010
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    I can't believe anyone would have anything negative to say about Max Agency, unless like the other poster says, they didn't get anywhere with their career. Often when people become disappointed in something, they look for someone to blame. Max agency is the epitome of professionalism, and nothing about them is a scam. They work hard to help in any way they can, but you have to do your part as well. If you don't have the talent, no agency in the world will be able to help you.

    A. Toche

  • Nu
      5th of Oct, 2010
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    First of all about being "too ugly" comment is extremely rude!!! Its not only modelling but acting too so it takes talent. I mean as long as your tall and slender its amazing what make up can do however being an actor takes real talent. I know with everything somethings work out for some people while others are not so lucky. As far as Max Agency is concerned well, my son too have been called to meet with one of the people working there and went through a series of questions. I have to admit i really liked the fact that they stress that school comes first and if his marks were to drop or cause any problems at school or at home they will drop him...i really like that. While doing my research i discovered that they are on the "NO CHEQUE" list which apparently means that ACTRA will not deal with them for whatever reason. This is one reason i am skeptical of joining their agency.

  • Pf
      13th of Oct, 2010
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    I went to the ACTRA website and did NOT find them on the no cheque list. Why do people have the impression that they are there? Is there more than one no cheque list on ACTRA?

  • Sw
      21st of Oct, 2010
    -2 Votes

    - They charge you $800 dollars for photos claiming they are done by a professional.
    When in reality, you could get a PROFESSIONAL photographer for under $100.
    -You can find more work on craigslist then your "agent" will ever get you.
    - The owner of the company was thrown in jail before for running a scam!
    - They are on the new cheque list because they are non-union and ACTRA is a union. Thats why they dont deal with them!

  • Pf
      26th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Professional photographer for $100? That's a joke!
    $800 is actually a good price for professional photography.

    If they are on the ACTRA no cheque list, why can't I see them there?
    If you can get work on your own you are welcome to do so, no one is forcing you to join this agency or any other.
    If the owner is an escaped convict or a prisoner, how come no one has stopped him from running this scam for the last ten years?

    Are you really a model on Max or someone with a personal agenda against it?
    I can't believe the stuff people post under the cloak of anonymity on the internet, and it's funny that other people are eager to believe negative stuff posted by the business rather than the positive.

  • Sh
      27th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    they dont say porfessinal photograph they tell you to get a fashoin photographer that comes with make up artist and stylist thats why it cost so much...

  • Tr
      31st of Oct, 2010
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    Max Agency has never gotten high recognition. I google searched them and they have press releases out that ANYONE can write.. big deal.
    If you read the blog no one gets any actual work .
    Ive been approched by them at the sex show auto show malls, lets start with the display the company has is horedous, dirty tables, staff that are nowhere close to being "models". The joke is that when i said i wasnt inerested in modeling with them i wanted a actual legit agency the girl was asking me where to go because she wanted to be an actress but her boss at max wont let her, and she told me the booking agent has no idea what she is doing and forgets to even submit people for projects.
    I mean really if this agency is top notch why do they find the need to solicit at public places.
    Also i read that there was a feature done on Kamran ziadi on W5 that they aired.
    here is a good read!!:
    /URL removed/

  • Tr
      31st of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Why would you need to pay over 800 for a roll of film and someone to do your hair and makeup? Stay away. If you want to model, go on model mayhem you have people who will work with you for free to build up your portfolio

  • Po
      21st of Nov, 2010
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    To Whom It May Concern,

    The Toronto Police are currently accepting any complaints towards MAX Agency & your experiences with them.

    Please direct all concerns (past or present; no time limit as complaints are being matched through-out the years) to:

    ACTRA: Karl Pruner

    TORONTO POLICE, Div 22: Detective David Knowles

    Help them help all of you.

  • Co
      5th of Dec, 2010
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    Jennifer Gibson is teaching at the MAX owned school. She is not a Casting Director and is saying acting like she will scout talent for her next thing. I asked everyone in the class how they came there and they said they were scouted in a shopping mall. The minute I told my parents that they said that's it your not going back. We know that MAX owns the Universal Academy of Acting now. Thought we would give it a try. But it's another scam scam scam scam. An this chick Jennifer Gibson is a model or something and says she was on a TV series my dad check it out can't find her anywhere and we called Actra and she is not a casting director. This is a big scam scam scam dont be fished in walk away another MAX scam with jennifer gibson with them now.

  • Co
      5th of Dec, 2010
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    Just heard from another guy who went to the class and they are not going back. this Jennifer Gibsonchick has done a few little things but can't act with her clothes on one of those actors who thinks she can act but is ony hired as long as her top is off.
    she works at sutherlands which is another modeling agency figure it out guys. Universal used to be an acting school now its a scam place where modeling agencies will take your money and you will go no where. Now this Gibson chick is part of the Max Agency Scam artists

  • Za
      31st of Dec, 2010
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    Jennifer Gibson and the Academy she teaches at are all part of the J R Powers same rip off stuff. I don't know if they are working together but they are all hiring the same circle of people.

    Jennifer Gibson works for Mann Casting and Gloria Mann does work for John Robert Powers, who has been stealing money from people for years.

    Now she works for UniversalActingAcademy on Dundas and that is owned by Max talent agency and they are owned by the Zaidi family.

    The Zaidi family have been taking the money of people for years. Now that I am checking people are telling me the stories about the Zaidi clan, I will get into that in a minute

    What a circle of people. I called the School that Jennifer Gibson works at and I asked the girl who owns the school and she got really rude with me on the phone.

    Then started talking about things I didn't even ask about. When I asked her name she hung up on me.

    I went on the internet and then called the agency that Jennifer Gibson is on and they hung up on me. I called back and they said she is not a casting director but works for Mann Casting sometimes. Then I called there and they said she doesn't work there but used to work there.

    Okay then, this guy says, do you want to know if she is a scam? I said what? And he said well I don't think she is.

    I didn't even ask. So I decided to check into it and I called the Max place because I have been reading that they own the school that this Jennifer Gibson works at and they start getting all defensive.

    I went further and found out this:

    Gloria Mann owns Mann Casting and her son Stephen works there and he is the one who I spoke to. His Mother does work for J R Powers and they are affiliated with Just Canadian Talent who is related to the people who own Max who is a guy called kamaran zaidi who owns universal Academy Of Acting who goes by two names, Michael D'Marco and Kamaran Zaidi who has Jennifer Gibson teaching at his Acting school but he doesn't tell people he owns it but Jennifer who also works for Mann Casting who is telling people, mostly the students of this school, she is a big actor and a casting director is really just a actor who has done a couple of things. But Stephen Mann says she is not a casting director that she just used to assist sometimes bringing people in and out of the audition room

    I did more checking and now I find out that the Marla Mann Agency had been known for ripping people off. Marla Mann was and still is on the no check list on the Actra website due to ripping of talent when she was an agent.

    Gloria the mother works for J R powers and her son sits in the office defending all of these people, Now I don't know what he has done except he is very defensive on the phone and sounds like he should just get out of there.

    When I tried to get a hold of the guy at Max who has two names they got all defensive and this girl gets on the phone and starts questioning me who is just trying to find out where everyone is working, it's a public business right, I have a right to know if they are all the same people or what they can do for me.

    I am a law student and just wanted to get into the commercial and print part of the business. I was scouted at a Mall with two friends, they went to Max I didn't but said if its good let me know. But they were ripped off for photo's at a really weird place where the photographer said they only work for Max Talent, Then my friends were sent to the Acting School where they said they were going to get courses for free but then they tried to get my friends to pay for more classes when the classes were horrible, my friends have gone to classes before and said she is not very good although she is nice enough, she shouldn't be an acting teacher. That sparked me to start checking in to this, and then the information started flowing.

    So from what I can gather there used to be a Julia Kay teaching there.

    So I called her and she said she can't talk about anything and doesn't want to get into negative talk? Okay, I said, but are you still teaching there?, she said all she can say is that is she doesn't work there and has nothing to do with any people that are associated with anybody or anything.

    I checked into her and she seems like she is a legit casting director, she taught there but now has nothing to do with any of them. When I asked her for information she said she had no comment that I would have to call the ActingSchool. I then talked to a few people of face book and they said she was an excellent Acting Teacher. So I called her back and said I am just trying to get information on the school before my friends pay for more classes. She said you will have to call the school, I told her I did and they got rude, she said sorry but I am not associated with any people there. It sounds like she just wants nothing to do with anybody. Wonder Why?

    So I called Actra, and they only acknowledge Juliann Kay saying she is a casting director and has been for years.

    But anyone else I ask about is as follows:

    Max Talent Agency - Not reputable, Just Canadian Talent - Not reputable, Jennifer Gibson - Not a Casting Director and they don't know her to be an acting teacher, Mann Casting they just said they cast but didn't want to say more than that, JR Powers - Not reputable.

    Okay that is not the end, then I check into the Zaidi's and they have been known for years to be scammmmmmers. This guy kamaran was up on charges and his brother is a the same his name is hassaine zaidi. I checked on this because my friends see a notice about a criminal investigation on the School Website, not a usual thing so that led me to start checking on this school, which is how I found the Zaidi names now apparently there are more of them and I am still checking.

    But I did find out that Hassaine owned a school called Show Biz Academy that his brother kamaran now owns but is now called Unieveral Academy Acting.

    I have been on the computer for weeks, not because it affects me but because it's a real circle and it's kind of fun to find out what and who some of these people really are.

    I am a law student and very curious about investigating things. I started out wanting to get into the business and now I just want to investigate it.

    I do know someone or some people are getting ripped off and that is why I am writing on this site, there are already reports on Max Talent and others on this site so I want to let people know what I am finding out.

    Who know's it might save someone's hard earned money. This Kamaran Zaidi has been in the paper but somehow only got probation and his partner did a few years for fraud in the same business, Peter Holub was his partners name.

    This guy also owned a modeling agency called, yes you guessed it "Zaidi Models" with his brother Hassaine Zaidi, and they were on a T.V. show called W5 for yes you guessed it again, ripping people off.

    There are other's in the Zaidi clan in the city of Toronto that own Talent Agencies only two I can find out other than Max is Just Canadian Talent on Spadina and Moro Talent, Near King and Spadina. Apparently there were more but they shut down and open under other names as soon as they are reported to be scams.

    But what I don't understand, YET!!! is why would a casting agency, Mann Casting get themselves involved with the Zaidi's, JR Powers and this Jennifer Gibson if they have a legit casting company. Greed may be the answer but I think it goes further.

    I will let you all know as I continue to check into this spider web.


  • Al
      4th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    zag girl, I found this on [redacted] about max agency

    Juli-Ann Kay - (, United States of America)
    SUBMITTED: Sunday, November 28, 2010

    POSTED: Sunday, November 28, 2010
    AFTER over 30 years in the business, I am finding myself involved in a situation that is in someway beyond my control. I am being accused of stealing (not true) fraud (not true) harrassment (not true) and many other things.

    I write this post to warn all of the new actors to please do your research before giving one penny. Unfortunately it is not against the law for Agencies to take money for Photo's, and website stuff...and tell you to sign a non exclusive contract. it's a bit unethical to own the photography place or have a deal with them.. but not against the law...And it is not against the law to own an agency and an Acting Academy, although it is a conflict in the industry only because the agency is in control of who teaches there and how much money they charge for the courses. Simply because this means all monies go to the same person. In my case I was paid 700 dollars a week, and he was making 595 + taxes per person. You do the math.

    I myself worked at this Academy for ACTORS and knew that this person owned the Agency (did not do my research at first on the agency) very silly on my part.

    I am a Casting Director, so also knew what I was teaching and tried very hard to get some of the talent work, and did so many times.

    I worked very hard at training them... I did my job. I was always under the impression that the owner was selling this Agency and was going to consentrate on the Academy
    and other things. I was wrong to wait as long as I did, and If I wasn't fired... who knows I would have probably waited longer as the students became a mission and a passion (meaning training them right). When certain people came and let me know that they couldn't afford the classes along with what they had just paid at their Agency or they were an old student of mine (before I even knew him) who had already taken classes with me... depending on the situation I was told to deal with these people from me to them, and I did. So I told them to paid what they could afford which was very low or free. The owner Knew this all along and now is denying it... silly me. I was asked that I did not let the other students know because everyone would be asking for the same deal. I gave rec'ts TAX included/non quote/cash as this was not my rate, and it wasn't to a lot of people...I wont lie... if I could have given everyone that same deal I would have... as it was becoming evident that people were being told it was my school therefore not aware that it was the owner of the Agencies school. Here is my warning to all of you. Don't take anyone's word for things and don't sign contracts unless they sign a contract on what they will do for your money
    ... I am a resident of this business not a visitor...and now find myself being accused of things that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I have helped more people in this industry including this man... and am now being called down to the lowest by him.

    I will not let this stop me. It makes me sad that people can take my name and use it to their advantage ... and I have to fight for something I have worked hard for, for over 30 years.

    This Man has more money than most of us will see in a life time, but will still fight for more... I don't live in his world, so I am not good at it.

    But I will have to become good or my name will be slammed and slandered. All because I was not careful and didn't get him to sign something... I slipped up and started to feel he care for a bit. and now I am being accused of stealing and fraud, and what ever else he can throw my way. His past is his past... and is now blending into my life by just being associated with him... believe me this is not an easy time for me... but I will get through it. I am not perfect... but I don't hurt people and have never ripped anyone off... I love my industry way to much to do that... having people pay what they can or having them in my class for free is not a rip off... I guess it was his way of showing me how stupid I was for thinking that he cared... he is now saying he knew nothing... I am still trying to figure this one out. I am also trying to figure out how and what I was thinking when I truly thought he was on the same page as me when it came to working in this industry. I will probably retire in a few years so it was important to me when it came to making a difference or change with new blood in the industry. Even if I wanted to believe there was a bit of truth to him.. he is proving me wrong every day that he continues this behaviour.



    When I begin again which will be very soon, I will make sure things are done properly and with people who care about the same things I do. I am now 52 years old and feel like I am starting all over again. But I take responsiblity for this and believe I am not the victum, but that the people that got caught up in this situation are the real victums. I will do my best to make that up to them and myself.




    Juli-Ann Kay,

    Casting Director / Acting & Performance Coach

  • Al
      4th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    this site has other reviews on the agency, some good, some bad.

  • Bu
      5th of Jan, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I would like to add some very interesting information regarding Max Agency, it's sister agency in Niagara, Film Comm Agency and Juli-Ann Kay. Firstly Juli-Ann Kay whom my daughter studied a workshop with was nothing but ultra professional, informative and just an all around excellent person. And seems to have found herself in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people. Max Agency on the other hand whose sole officer and director Mrs. Melissa Rock the wife of Kamaran (Mohammed) Zaidi, has also been the owner of another scam operation in the Niagara region for the past 5 years, where my daughter had also been "scouted" at a local Rib Fest. She was called in for an evaulation and also told that I would need to spend almost $500. for photographs that she would need, to be represented by the agency. We were told that all the monies collected were to pay for the photoshoot. Later on we found out the majority of the money went to Film Comm the agent, which after some digging I found out was against the model agents code of ethics in the industry. But my daughter was told she had a chance to do some work in Toronto so I never bothered to say anything to not rock the boat and ruin her chances. I know for a fact from my daughter's friends and local word of mouth Film Comm "scouts" hundreds of people a year and at the price that we all paid for these photoshoots that's alot of money being scammed from hard working, niave people such as ourselves. After 2 years of no auditions, disgusting attitudes from Mrs. Melissa Rock and staff, needless to say my daughter is no longer with Film Comm Agency but a reputable "real" agency in Toronto that never charged me one penny to take my daughter on and contacts her at least once a week wether she has an audition or not, unlike Film Comm Agency where we never heard from them for 8 months and when we did it involved paying more money for something. Below for verification I have attached an artilce for your viewing pleasure so we can all wisen up to the likes of Max Agency, Film Comm Agency and John Robert Powers and stop making these scammers rich and see our children suffer mentally from their lies. See below:

    Life is good when you're Mohammed Kamran Zaidi, 32-year-old uncrowned King of the Modelling World. Lavish homes, plush offices and exotic sports cars come with the job of paid "consultant" for Max Model Management Inc. and Talent 2NV Inc. Modelling seems to be in the blood of the Zaidi family, as brother Husain operated Zaidi Model & Talent Agency Inc., until he suddenly retired from the business at the tender age of 33 several months ago.

    Nothing seems to put a serious dent in the lifestyle of Kamran Zaidi. Not a fraud conviction of more than 10 years ago in Montreal, not an arrest for the Arthur Ashley Management fraud in 2000 or even a CTV W5 exposé showing the homes, offices and sports cars of the modelling king and his brother just after being charged with fraud.

    There were those who thought relief from modelling scams would come with the year 2000 prosecution of prominent Holub and Anu Agency operator Peter Holub, currently serving three years in federal penitentiary.

    It didn't.

    Fraudulent modelling and talent agencies are raking in millions of dollars per year by making false promises to the parents of babies, teenagers, new immigrants and especially seniors that they attract with their misleading classified advertisements in community newspapers and their sophisticated telemarketing operations. If you're a wannabe model or actor, whose dreams of a better future were left in tears and ashes, you're not alone. Hundreds of people are recruited by scouts that agencies employ on a commission basis to go to schoolyards, shopping malls and street corners to solicit what their bosses back at the big offices call, "suckers' lists".

    This type of solicitation is unheard of in the legitimate modelling and talent industry, and precautions have been voiced by organizations such as Actors and Models Information Service (AMI), the Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Relations and numerous other consumer awareness outlets geared to prevent more victims from being first lured, then scammed by unscrupulous agencies.

    Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Relations documents obtained by Toronto Free Press show that Max Model Management Inc. was originally owned by Kamran Zaidi and underwent a myriad of corporate name changes since its original date of incorporation in 2000.

    TFP reporter Edward Zawadski tagged Zaidi at his Yonge and Eglinton offices, spotting him on his usual noon-hour arrival.

    After several rescheduled arrangements on his part, Zaidi finally showed up for an interview at a Bay Street restaurant. TFP wanted to know whether Zaidi had been operating Max Model Management Inc. and other agencies while out on bail for the Arthur Ashley Management fraud scam. Zaidi made a point of stating for the record that his sentencing conditions for the Arthur Ashley Management fraud charges did not in any way prevent him from being in the modelling business.

    "I'm allowed to be in the modelling business and I'll fax you my conditions to prove it, " he said.

    A copy of his bail conditions, obtained by TFP, clearly indicates that Zaidi was "not to be involved in the modelling, movies or telemarketing industries".

    Although he's been in the modelling industry in one form or another since 1988, during the interview Zaidi denied ownership of any agency. When told about the TFP tag at Max Model Management Inc., Zaidi said, "I work for the company as a consultant."

    Since we had spoken only to Zaidi and to no other principle of the company, we were surprised to receive a letter the following morning from the solicitors for Max Model Management limited (the "Company").

    "We have been asked by management of the Company to clarify for you certain information with respect to the Company, " wrote solicitor Avi Greenspoon of the firm Fogler Rubinoff LLP.

    "As disclosed in the enclosed Corporation Profile in respect of the Company dated as of today's date (June 6, 2002) and produced by the Ministry of Consumers and Commercial Relations-Companies Branch, the Company was incorporated on July 10, 2000 as 1428861 Ontario Limited. On September 14, 2000, the Company's name was changed to its current name, Max Model Management Limited. The sole director and officer of the Company is Melissa Rock.

    "We understand that it is your contention that a company formerly known as Max Model Management Inc. is the same company as the Company or is otherwise affiliated with the Company. Our client denies this. Our searches have revealed that an existing company called Madad Media Limited formerly carried on business under the name Max Model Management Inc. until September 14, 2000, at which time its name was changed to its current name. Madad Media Limited and the Company are different companies."

    Greenspoon failed to mention that Madad Media Limited was actually owned and operated by Kamran Zaidi.

    Diligent as local police are in trying to protect the public from fraud, it seems there will always be fast-talking, take-the-money-and-run types operating in the modelling industry.

    When the law caught up with Zaidi and company in December of 2001, it was almost two years after original charges had been laid and there were more than 1, 400 members of the public out of pocket, courtesy of fraudulent means.

    Over $1.8 million could be traced through the known bank accounts of the accused parties and Kamran Zaidi was indicated as receiving over $1.4 million of the company's earnings, accounting for 77 per cent of earnings of the fraud.

    No money has ever been recovered.

    Although some thought Zaidi would be clobbered after Arthur Ashley Management was busted, he went to police to give a "full voluntary KGB video taped statement."

    "In other words, to put it colloquially, Mr. Zaidi not only confirmed his high position in this scheme, but he sold out each and every one of his co-accused in accordance with the roles in the frauds that the police believed they played, " said Crown Attorney D. Butt at Zaidi's December 2001 trial.

    The crown in view of the "boxes and boxes of bank records, hundreds and hundreds of victim's statements and victim's testimony" and their subsequent cost to the public purse, brokered a deal with Zaidi.

    Zaidi was given a conditional sentence of two years less a day, a probationary period of three years and was ordered to pay restitution of $40, 000.

    Zaidi, who seemed to have been involved with Max Model Management Inc. while on bail, walked, but his 11 co-accused are still before the courts.

    Finding it difficult to believe that Zaidi is "untouchable" due to his "co-operation with the Crown", TFP checked with arresting officer Detective Bjorn Walters of 52 Division's Fraud Squad.

    Walters registered surprise that Zaidi was involved in a modelling agency, let alone one with alleged complaints from members of the public at large.

    Although Walters said he could not talk specifics of the Arthur Ashley Management case because it is still before the courts, he was willing to talk about unscrupulous modelling agencies in general.

    Unscrupulous modelling agencies, he said, "are a great way of fleecing the public of their hard-earned money."

    The detective made it clear that the squad would "follow up on any complaints reported to us", saying "that's our job."

    There can be little doubt that any deal brokered between Zaidi and the crown would form an immunity blanket for any of his new modelling ventures.

    If you feel you have been a victim of fraud by any of the companies mentioned in this article, contact Detective Bjorn Walters of 52 Division Fraud Squad at 416-808-5200.

    Telltale signs of a scam modelling and talent agency:

    According to government and industry sources, all legitimate agency operators follow this code of ethics:

    • No classified advertising in newspapers;

    • No trade show booths to entice people to fill out lead sheets (suckers' lists);

    • No telemarketing operations

    • No in-house photographers

    • No courses and excessive fees for attendance to overseas "talent shows";

    • No Internet advertising fees;

    • No registration fees;

    • No pushy sales techniques to sell overpriced portfolios, Comp-cards and courses;

    • No agency should ever collect fees for photos or other services other than its 15-20 per cent fee based on the assignments that they find for their clients.

    Canada Free Press founding editor Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, Glenn Beck and The Rant. Judi can be reached at:

  • Za
      5th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    MAX and Universal Academy of Acting along with Kamran Zaidi / Michael DeMarco have always sent out staff to get people to fill out lead sheets. They still do it now. If you go into the class room of his school everyone was scouted and the teacher Jennifer Gibson is claiming she is a casting director She is not a Casting Director and knows exactly where all these people come from, and she started working there after knowing a reputable casting director was fired. Didn't she want to know why?

    She does work for Modeling Agency which is now scouting for the Zaidi school too, you can easily look her up. I also called Actra, she is not a Casting Director and the Agency she is listed with will not talk. What does that tell you?

    I followed up also with a call to Universal Academy of Acting then MAX, they are so rude and offer demaging information on Juli-Ann Kay and this Martha Molnar without you even asking. I will not repeat comments, as the statements are obviously untrue.

    Juli-Ann Kay is a mentor not just a teacher or a Casting Director. She and a Martha Molnar are being attacked by the Kamran Zaidi lawyers. I am not at liberty to say how I know this.

    Juli-Ann Kay has done nothing wrong except, yes she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is not part any wrong doing. Check into her background, nothing but above board activity. Several background checks are enough for everyone who wanted to know and now we know the truth.

    From what I understand Kamran Zaidi and other family members are in this together. He has one brother who is now a millionaire due to the same type of business. There are several nephew's in the Talent Agency business.

    We can stop these people, and help those who have been wronged. I am personally going to do my part.

    This is a huge operation that the police should be investigating, but if what I read is correct, Kamran Zaidi is being protected? No this is wrong and we need to stop this now.

  • Za
      5th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Called the Det. He dosen't work there anymore.

    Does anyone know who I can get a hold of in regards to information I have.


  • Bu
      5th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I found this link...also direct them to all of this info in this blog, so all agencies/school/people involved are reported. Yes I know it's the same thing, you have to fill out a piece of paper, then they call you for an interview, you go in and have a quick meeting, they tell you that they will call you in a few days with their decision to accept you...they do, they tell you that they have to receive payment for photoshoot within a few days or you loose your spot in the agency. You can't pay the phtographer directly, when you start to ask questions they get this attitude. Everyone that i spoke to that was with Film Comm Agency had the same story. I guess we are the stupid ones. Live and learn. In any case I found this link and it maybe a good first step.

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