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Massey Services / Pest Control

1 315 Groveland St EOrlando, FL, United States
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I recently canceled my Massey service after about 1.5 years with them. I am greatly dissatisfied with their service and the way they treated me when I decided to cancel my service. An area manager, Sammy Ramjitsingh, went so far as to threaten me with slander if I wrote this review. I would like to share this experience so others may learn from it. My problems began with a fruit fly issue I encountered in the spring/summer of 2015. The technician made, what I recall as, three separate trips. Each time, he treated the drains as he suspected that this was the root of the problem. On one of his visits, he changed his opinion. He thought the flies were not fruit flies, but were drain flies. This was troubling to me because it was very apparent by appearance that they were fruit flies. On that trip, he treated my drains for drain flies. There is a visible difference between fruit and drain flies. Even as someone that knows nothing of entomology, I knew this. The problem did not remedy itself. At this point, the area manager, Sammy Ramjitsingh, came out with a newly assigned technician (different than before). While I was disappointed with the lack of resolution, customer service was decent up until this point. Sammy changed that for the worse. By this time, I also was encountering beetles on a regular basis in the house. I requested Sammy look at both of these issues. Sammy had a bad attitude and was immediately combative when he entered my home. When it came to the fruit flies, he said the large palm trees outside my house were attracting fruit flies. This is something I have little control over as I cannot just remove the palm trees. By this point, the quantity of fruit flies in my house was significant. A trap that I had purchased easily trapped more than one hundred. For there to be such a volume, I thought there must be an opening to my house I was missing. I tried multiple times to ask Sammy if Massey can help me locate any glaring openings. Each time Sammy cut me off, not allowing me to fully state my question. Each time he pointed to the palm trees. I eventually got my question out. Sammy made no attempt to locate an opening and just said they could get in anywhere. When I asked Sammy about the beetles (which are about penny sized), he told me they were not considered a harmful pest and made no acknowledgement that there could be a reasonable opening in my house. I asked Sammy to treat my drains for the flies as they have done in the past to help reduce the number of flies breeding in my house. He declined several times before relenting. It was shocking to deal with such a rude manager. I have rarely encountered a manager that would constantly interrupt a customer and just seemed like he wanted to battle me over what he was there to do. This interaction led me to call the customer care team. I had forgotten Sammy’s name, but when I described his behavior to the receptionist she said “oh, I think I know who you’re talking about”, as if this was a regular occurrence. This discussion brought me to Scott Rothschild, the GM for the area. Scott is a very nice man unlike Sammy. He came to my house and had a look around. I appreciate Scott’s time and kindness, but it seemed he did little but poke around with a flashlight. With all due respect, I question Scott’s ability for actual fieldwork. He concluded that the trees were the issue, once again brushing off even looking for any possible entry ways for the pests. With all that being said, I still have fruit flies and I still have beetles. I received a quarterly bill from Massey ($80). Because I only ever had two pest problems in my house and neither was resolved, I chose to cancel my service with Massey. I spoke to the operator which indicated that my $80 would go to collections if I did not pay. I indicated that I felt it was not justified because of my unresolved pest issues. She suggested I compose an email and send it along, which I did. I received a call from Massey a little later, which I returned and spoke to Sammy. During the call Sammy told me fruit flies and beetles were not covered as part of my agreement. This was certainly a surprise to me. I requested a signed copy of the agreement. I told Sammy that I would be writing about my experience. Sammy got very agitated and said that slander was a dangerous thing and that he would be notifying management and the legal team of my decision. He said it would be slander to say Massey did not treat a covered pest (fruit flies and beetles) when the agreement does not mention either insect. In the interest of fairness the agreement states “Services will be provided for: Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Silverfish, Rats, Mice, Interior Fleas and Ticks, Other”. Now, I’m guessing “Other” is supposed to be filled in as if I am to anticipate any pest my home may have. So be careful with that as that seems to be their loophole for any other possible pests. I did indeed clean up the palm tree fruit on the ground as they suggested, so I held my end up of the user agreement in an attempt to prevent flies (notice this whole time they ignore the beetles). The part of the agreement I feel they did not meet was to “eliminate conditions, avenues and sources that will prevent pest entry and infestation”. I repeatedly asked for assistance in identifying and eliminating entry points to my home for flies and beetles, but got no assistance at all. Despite Sammy’s threats of slander and his demands to pay my $80 or be sent to collections, I was determined not to pay for poor service. I looked on Massey’s website and behold a “Money Back Guarantee”. As the website states: “If you are not satisfied with the results of your program, we'll provide corrective service at no additional charge. After 30 days, should your problem persist, we’ll continue to provide service at no additional charge until you are satisfied, or we'll refund your last regular service payment.” There you have it. They will refund my last regular service payment, in this case the one “owed”. So rather than meet the company policy, Sammy chose to wriggle around some dubious agreement wording and threatened me with accusations of slander. It is clear Sammy is not at Massey with the goal of customer service. I called Sammy back to discuss the Money Back Guarantee. He still felt that it was not applicable. At one point he said my pest problem was “not a Massey problem”. I mentioned that the guarantee simply says “service”. It says nothing about protected pests. I asked Sammy if coming to examine my fly problem was a service, to which he said yes. I asked then why this definition does not apply and he went into the same protected pest argument. I then asked Sammy if customer service was a part of “service”. He did not answer the question, instead saying that had nothing to do with the money back guarantee. Throughout the call he would yell and talk over me. When I confronted him as to why a manager felt the need to yell at a customer, he apologized and said he “tends to do that”. Sammy clearly wanted to stand his ground and fight more than he wanted to understand me. Therefore, I asked a callback from Scott and asked for the corporate number. Sammy refused to give me the corporate number. I found the corporate number anyway and filed a complaint. The same day, Scott called me and said he would not hold me accountable for the last service bill of $80. Whether this was Scott’s decision or passed down from my corporate complaint, I do not know. I have yet to receive contact from corporate, so perhaps they pushed this decision to Scott. So there you have it. The full truth with zero slander. Be careful of Massey’s shifty agreement tactics. If you have an uncommon pest, they will simply shrug their shoulders and point to the agreement. Sammy Ramjitsingh, in particular, is why I chose to write this review. I now question all other reviews about this company because of these threats. He has a horrible service mentality and resorts to bullying when confronted with logical concerns, ignoring his own company’s “Money Back Guarantee”. Because of Sammy Ramjitsingh, a failure to try to “eliminate conditions, avenues and sources that will prevent pest entry and infestation”, threats of slander for writing a bad review, ignoring their own Money Back Guarantee until pressed by corporate, and an open ended contract that allows them to get out of any uncommon pest issue, I implore you to look elsewhere for your pest control needs.

Jan 16, 2016

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