Massage Heights / dishonest practices

Jacksonville, FL, United States

I have been a member of massage heights for sometime now, during my last visit on 9/11 I had a massage and a facial. I started getting massages and facials together because I was advised that I had additional hours that ran over to cover both services, after my massage I went to check out and I was advised that I owed additional money for the massage and facial. I explained to the new employee that I did not owe any additional money the only thing I owed was my tip. I also said that if they were to check my history they will see that, she spoke with someone on the phone who told her to leave my checkout open so that it could be researched then someone would follow-up with me. I received a call back on 9/19 from Lindsey stating that she reviewed my account and we were caught up on the prepaid and she wanted to chat before they checked me out. I called back and spoke with Lee who could tell I was very upset I advised her that I am not authorizing payment on my card because I do not owe additional money, she started asking me who did I talk to for my visit and who scheduled my appointment I explained that I did not have access to their system and she should be able to see that and then I was told that because I was upset she would have Lindsey who was out of town call me back. I received a fallback that went to voicemail from Lindsey explaining that she checked my entire payment and service history and I had 4 hrs and the issue would be researched further with a tech team and I would be contacted. I was also advised that there was a system issue from last year which caused this problem . I recalled having another issue with my appointment getting cancelled due to this computer system which appears to be outdated. I did not receive a phone call that the hours were added and I had not called anyone back yet. I checked my bank account today for another reason and there are 2 pending drafts from massage heights . I never gave authorization for these payments and I am very upset and do not appreciate having my account drafted outside of my monthly billing without my permission or approval.

Oct 3, 2017

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