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Today, Thanksgiving Day, 2016 I broke a second tooth on these crackers. The first time was two years ago when I broke a crown with the crackers. I had the crown for almost 20 years. I thought that perhaps the reason was maybe there was a microscopic crack already in the crown or something. Today, I felt that same horrifying feeling of hitting something rock hard with another tooth. Then I was horrified to find that the tooth was broken. And it is a regular tooth. I am totally done with Mary's Gone Crackers. I thought it was a great product because it is gluten free and organic, but I sooooo wish that I had never bought this. Then I would still have my teeth in tact. Please be VERY careful of this product. I am going to complain about this to Costco where I always buy the product. They really need to get it off the shelf. I will be posting a warning on Facebook, urging people not to buy this product.

Mary's Gone Crackers

Nov 24, 2016

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