Malindo Airwaysground floor service crew

On 5Jan 2019 I have bring a group 21 person of senior the oldest 84 years old and other average on 65-70 years old. We have arrival at KLIA airport at 6.30am and I try to go check in at group counter but when we arrival the counter they already have one group of customer in check in procedure, so we are queuing in one counter line (there only have 2 counter for group check in). After we wait for 45 minute and almost is our turn the beside line come over to our queue and to continue their group of check in (they have almost 80 person for check in) in the same time I'm asking one of them are they wanna to use two counter to check in all them. After that I go ask the Malindo staff inside the check in counter, it is possible to share one counter to other group instead of 2 counter also check in for 1 group ? Some more the oldest are so tired for standing and wait there almost one hour. But one of the Malay Girl duty at the counter the attitude very bad and scold us back say that first come first serves. We also queuing for almost one hour and I'm just asking it is possible open one counter for another group not 2 counter for one group. The Malindo staff girl are giving me disdainful look and obviously our senior citizen and behind me our group too.
After that I'm try going to normal check in counter and explain the situation to the person incharge duty the time, he understands and ask our senior citizen come over the counter and help us to proceed the check in. Very thankful for the guys and the Malay Girl at group check in counter the attitude really horrible and no manner to the senior and customer. I hope that you or your management will take it as a action on this kind on matter. Very disappointed for having a staff like this.

Jan 13, 2019

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