MainStreetHost / Phone Harassment

Re Dec 29, 2015
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On 12/29/15 Sterling Clark a sales rep in Las Vegas, Nevada called me for the third time representing Main Street I had told him repeatedly that I was not currently interested or ready to make any decisions on his pitch and that I am not comfortable with cold calls so if I decide to use his services after I have time to research my options then he would hear from me. Instead, he followed up again to let me know about a "special discount" of $10 for my website diagnostic. He bragged about how the company was listed organically on the first page of google searches under the term "search engine optimization company" or "website marketing company" but could not identify any third party industry websites that endorse Main Street Host nor any media coverage seeking out their expertise. When I conducted a industry search of my own I encountered this very disturbing article about Main Street Host. Sterling also did not mention any third party sites where I could locate rave reviews about the company but when I searched for company reviews I discovered many sites with COUNTLESS complaints and not a SINGLE positive one nor a response from the company. Sterling said they use paypal to process credit cards and he kept asking me if I was ready to purchase the diagnostic. I declined and told him there were many reasons I was not interested at this time especially due to the bad reviews and that he should not call me again. He dismissed all the bad reviews as a normal part of doing business with thousands of clients. I have thousands of clients and I have less than 10 bad reviews. I could not locate any glowing positive third party reviews about them. Follow your gut instincts and do your homework.

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