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  • Or
      Apr 21, 2016

    it's the same as Reader digest so I have noticed..

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  • Bi
      May 19, 2016

    Yes you are dead correct. Two years in a row I got sent letters telling me that I had won a prize in the major draw. I was sent a list of the prizes and told send back your lucky number and with an order from the book and claim your prize will be sent to you. Then I received the same a month later.Send in your lucky number and order from the book and claim your prize. Then a month later the same. Same done once again. I never received anything but a 50cent item Made in China. The next year same old thing. So I followed the same process 3 times again. WOW Same result. Now they sent me a voucher. Go to this web site and enter your lucky number and go in for a $5, 000.00 grocery voucher. Hey what a joke. There is no such web site. The stuff they sell is cheap and nasty and their prize draw is a load of cobblers. Anyone cane stick up photos of people and say HERE ARE THE WINNERS. Yea, Readers Digest number 2.

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  • Je
      May 21, 2016

    After reading all these complaints l feel like a fool spending money and sending off a 20, 000 cheque they sent for me to sign and send back with my order saying l was a possible winner. I'm on a pension and can't afford to spend money to send off a cheque which is probably worthless after reading everyone's views oh well never again

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  • Ka
      Jul 23, 2016

    Just got my winning Magnamail brochure in my letter box, and it tells me I've won a prize by simply scratching the lucky number panel and then all the associated prize panels and so I didi= and voila I have won $25, 000 or an iPhone or a digital clock or...! Yeah Naaa..! Nothing comes that easy, so I've filed the whole thing in the bin! My advice is anyone else looking at this same deal should do the same. It's a scam!

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  • St
      Sep 14, 2016

    Entered into the M217NZ catalogue draw, my scratch card said YOU HAVE DEFINATELY WON ONE OF THE PRIZES THAT MATCH THE LUCKY NUMBER BELOW, my lucky number, C169A, said $20, 000 in cash, when I go on winners list note for that the catalogue M217NZ the winner is in Australia and I got nothing. requesting no more catalogues and looking into legal aspect of this, I kept a copy of the scratch card.

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  • Mu
      Sep 18, 2016

    Won a watch with purchase from magnamail. Came without a winder but a little plastic drop off tag to wind with which of course immediately dropped off and got lost. What paltry rubbish!!! Magnamail. you'd be better off not offering any guaranteed prizes rather than shipping out such cheap rubbish which can only serve to annoy customers and ruin your reputation.

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  • Ol
      Oct 22, 2016

    Received my scratchy in which I was told I had definitely won a prize if I purchased from the catalogue when you read carefully all I have won is the right to be in a draw this is deceptive dialogue as I haven't won anything at ALL. While not illegal it is immoral and deceptive and it wasting thousands of hours of the public's time plus the cost of a stamp when there is little of no hope of winning.Could I do a Pauline Hanson "please explain" I had four winning numbers on my scratchy do I win anything after buying an item?YES OR No do I continue on buying these catalogue items till I am a very old man??.Lady Hawk L Entrance "I haven't been conned/scammed yet"

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  • Ru
      Mar 15, 2017

    It is a scam. Call centre staff know nothing ... cannot put you through to anyone is authority, refuse to cancel orders, and, will definitely NOT refund any money, even though the order purchased had not even been dispatched yet. ALL AGAINST AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER LAW.

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