MagicJackbilling and payment

I bought a Magic Jack early this year.
I was in South Carolina time of purchase.
Bought it at Walmart.
I used the phone number on the Walmart Package
They gave me a customer ID # MJ...
The person who connected me was Chris Adams
Phone number [protected]
They told me when connecting, 1year free, 5 year prom and they
added another year.
Total $10.78 plus $118.00
The $10.78 went on my Visa as MJack.
The $118.00 showed billing network 99LLC

The year is now up. To renew they want $65 plus.
Not what I was told.
MJack Cust. Service said I was scamed!
They had no record of the $118.00

I can't call Chris Adams, number not in service.
I am having extreme difficulty calling MJack management.
The wait time is in hours?
What do I do?

Nov 28, 2017

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