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I have purchased teak trees about 15 years back.
Recently, i tried to contact the company on phone but no any gave us positive reply or even a reply to any of our correspondence.
Please help us get in touch with the right people for the same as all my investments are held with them.

M / S Sterling Tree Magnum (India) Limited,

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  • Ut
      Jan 21, 2010
    Best Best Advice

    Hi, Plz join sterling tree magnum group @

    This group is created to assemble all STM investor in one place ; for effective action.

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  • Ra
      Mar 19, 2018

    @utapl Myself P.Rajesh kumar from Bangalore had invested in Sterling tree Magnum (india) Ltd, 20 trees @ rs 1475 per tree, certificate no A1999 on 29.09.1994 in Andipatti plantation, maturity being 28.9.2014.
    I had visited there office about 3 yrs ago in chennai they said it is court case . Can anyone update on case as on today. Any chances of getting back money.

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  • Tk
      Feb 16, 2010
    Streling Tre Magnum (India) Ltd - Contact us urgent
    streling tre magnum (india)ltd

    Most urgent contact us imm...

    Contact no [protected], [protected]

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  • Gp
      Jul 09, 2010

    i have invested lots of hard earned my money in stm if any body help

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  • Ni
      Sep 11, 2010

    i have also invest in sterling tree magnum (india) ltd. and now i want to proper address and contact no of the company officials, Please inform me about this company

    Nitin Goyal
    1/67 RHB Colony
    Hanuman Garh Jn.

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  • Ra
      Apr 23, 2011

    April 23, 2011

    Sterling tree magnum (india) limited
    Registered office : 154, eldams road,
    Teynampet, chennai – 600018.

    Reference : application no. g-169647 certificate no. b3859 issued in the name of deepak jain, no. 503, 11-a, siddharth nagar, western express highway, borivali (e), mumbai-400093, for the no. of 15 (fifteen teak trees value rs. 22, 125.00 (rs. twenty two thousand one hundred & twenty five only).

    Date of joining: 20/05/1995, date of maturity: 19/05/2015

    Dear sir,

    This is to inform you that I had invested rs. 22, 125.00 against the cost of 15 (fifteen) teak trees planted at bandhgaon plantation in koraput registration district, koraput district

    As per the extended instalment plan teakquity certificate given by you the first interim returns rs. 18375/- due on after end of six years and second interim returns rs. 82, 500/-due after end of 12th years & after maturity value end of 20th year rs. 10, 80, 000/-

    I am very sorry to inform you that we could not get the first & second interim returns / payment. please confirm the interim returns / payment details if you had sent on the due dates, otherwise arrange to send me the first & second interim returns / payment immediately.

    Your early action is highly appreciated.

    Yours faithfully,

    Deepak jain
    No. 503, 11-a, siddharth nagar,
    Western express highway,
    Borivali (e), mumbai-400093
    M. no. [protected], [protected]

    C. c : 1) head office : 5, murray’s gate road, alwarpet, chennai, 600018.
    2) stm management services ltd., guna buildings, ii floor, annex ii, 304/305
    Anna salai, teynampet, chennai – 600018.
    3) “divyaa” 8 a, murray’s gate road, alwarpet, chennai, 600018

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  • Ta
      May 10, 2011

    I had purchased 6 trees under STM scheme vide Application no> R24727, Certificate number: K 16411 in 1996. No interim dividend has been paid to me till yet.
    Kindly revert on the status and future course of action.

    Tarun Baijal
    89 C Pocket 4
    Mayur Vihar

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  • Di
      May 26, 2011

    I had future assurance teakquity certificate given by sterling tree magnum (india) ltd
    Date of joining -04/04/1995
    Application no - k 428931
    Certificate no-f13152
    No of trees [protected]@ rs 1475
    No interim returns paid till date
    Please help
    Mb no [protected]

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  • Gs
      Jul 16, 2011

    I had invested rs.22500 for 15 teak units during 1995 into pottipuram plantation.
    Application no. g132596
    certificate no. b6198.
    the fate of this investment is not known and no communication from the promoters atleast.
    the promoters also gave me a xerox sale deed for 4.17 cents of land at pottipuram, tamilnadu. I do not know where the original deed is lying.
    I believe their other venture sterling holidays is doing very well.
    what should be my next course of action on this. can somebody help me.
    G. subrahmanyam
    No.1.10.153, ashoknagar, hyderabad.500020.

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  • Ab
      Jul 19, 2011

    I have also invested in sterling magnum tree, I do not know the status of my investment.
    Could any one of you please let me know their contact details : ph no., address, etc.
    My mobile no. : 0-[protected]
    Please help

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  • Hn
      Aug 06, 2011

    i have also invested in the said plantation but could not get a single penny from the investment. pse advise the means and ways to get that.

    h n jha

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  • Rm
      Aug 12, 2011

    Dear mr. g. subramaniam if you want sell the 4.17cents pl contact me r. manoharan @ [protected] or at [protected]

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  • Su
      Sep 07, 2011

    I got my 40 tree investment back through a powerful advocate from chennai within 47 days and my circle here in bangalore(25 + persons) also got their investments back.


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  • Ra
      Dec 11, 2011

    Hi, If anybody has certificate for the location ganesapuram, Theni District, Tamil Nadu..I can help you to get good money for your plot having...since the trees are already cut and rooted by politicans..i can support to sell the land

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  • So
      Dec 27, 2011

    Hi i have invested in 1992. my expiry date is 2012. can someone help me please? i just want to know that my current amount. My contact details [protected]. My Certificate No. T8288.

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  • Av
      Jan 28, 2012

    In 1992, i have invested Rs.2400. at that time Rs.2400 is my one month salary... he made us believe in their company by creating eagerness to join it and have sucked our true hard work... still now there is no response from that company... not even a single letter after our investment.. [protected]

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  • Us
      Aug 18, 2012

    I have invested in five trees in 1992. I never received any communication from STM thereafter. Now i have been searching their office for the last 3-4 years and do not know where they are. If any body can help kindly contact me at [protected] 044--[protected] [protected].

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  • Ks
      Sep 03, 2012

    I have invested in 4 trees in 17/2/1993. date of expiry is 2013. I want to know the status. we stay in banglore. our cantact no. [protected]. email address: [protected]

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  • Ro
      Jan 16, 2013

    I have invested in 20 trees in 26/12/1994 and date of expiry is 25/12/2014. I want to know the present status. kindly inform your address where can we contact the firm. my contact no. is [protected]. email address is [protected]

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  • Ro
      Jan 16, 2013

    My application no. is g 123326 and my certificate no. is a6526 and purchase 20 trees 2 of rs 1475/- per tree. kindly let me know how can I contact the authorized person of the company. my alternative mobile no. is [protected]

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  • Al
      Jan 26, 2013

    my application number is G155824 dated 27 feb 1995 for 15 trees with Rs 1475/- per tree. please let me know if there is a way to get returns for this investment. my email is [protected] and mobile number [protected]

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  • Gr
      Jan 28, 2013

    Yes, this is the status of private investiments in india, govt should do something to the middle class people who invest their hard money.

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  • Je
      Feb 07, 2013

    Jennifer Graham
    I had invested in the year 1993 for two teak trees for Rs. 975/- each in favour of my daughters, Ruth Cheryl Graham and Nicola Sharon Graham for a period of 20 years. I am out of Chennai at the moment but will be returning shortly. My
    address is : Plot No. 72, 5th street, Palaniappa Nagar, Madhavaram, Chennai 600 060
    Please tell me whom I should contact ?

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  • Je
      Feb 07, 2013

    I had purchased two Magnum Teak Trees for Rs. 975/- each in the year 1993 for a period of 20 years for my two daughters,
    (1) Ruth Cheryl Graham and ( 2) Nicola Sharon Graham. The 20 year period expires this year. I want a response from you
    to my email [protected] and my postal address is No. 72, 5th Street, Palaniappa Nagar, Madhavaram,
    Chennai 600 060

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  • Av
      Feb 21, 2013

    I purchased total 20 teak tree in 13/12/1997 in name of we two brothers; Avinash Prakash and Kumar Aman. Certificate no P5314, P5308 and 6L00347 application no.a135363, A135880 and AB03617 investment value per teak tree was rs.1821/= The first interim returns was on 39/05/2003 and 30/05/2009 and date of maturity is in may 2017. The address was mentioned in the certificate but no communication or message on proceeds from the company. If any body know about the company please let me know in my email. Thanks Avinash.
    Mobile no. [protected]

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  • Km
      May 09, 2013

    I purchased 11 plants on 13/10/1993, in the name of kosaraju vishala. certificate no:l 1529.
    K. manikyalarao.2-2-25/3/7. bagh amber pet, hyderabad 500013. c no:[protected].

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  • Km
      May 09, 2013

    I have invested for 11 trees, certificate no:l 1529, kosaraju vishala
    Kosaraju manikyalarao. c no:[protected]

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  • Lt
      Jun 07, 2013

    Cheated by sterlings tree magnum (india) ltd - lt col john jacob

    I have invested rs 22, 125/- in in may 1997 for 15 trees and was promised interim returns of rs 18, 375/- (end of 06 years), rs 82, 500/- (end of 12 years), rs 10, 80, 000/- (full maturity at the end of 20 years) and 1815 sq ft of land entitlement. I have not received any of these returns. I really do n ot know how to go about it? kindly let me know my email id is : [protected] and mobile no : [protected] and is stationed at kochi. please support

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  • Su
      Jun 26, 2013

    Innovative green initiative: unique theme-based garden, live classroom, alive museum, tree-plantation interpretation centre establishment
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    Few themes:-
    1. alphabetical garden: like a for apricot, b for bamboo ……. z. it can be in several languages and subjects - religious, medical etc…
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    many other themes are related to educational topics, religious harmony, national unity, women empowerment, social upliftment, biodiversity world-records and cultural diversity etc.. for laymen, temples, public places, farmers, government properties, individual house and colony's parks etc..
    Procedure: i) telephonic conversation - ii) project (theme) decision-making - iii) I will send one project-specific application form (this form-filling is unavoidable because plantation is very serious systematic and sacred work; required materials, my visit/travelling, re-localization and planning etc.. details included in application form)
    Sumit kumar rai (91-[protected])

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  • Ad
      Jul 13, 2013

    I had invested in the sterling tree magnum (india) 1994 and purchased 15 tree (certificate no b 7425) with an agreed interim return by june 2000 an by end of june 2006 and full maturity value payment by june 2014. since there were no communication from the company, I had sent a registered with a/d reminder letter by april 2003 which was received by them on 26.04.2003. but there was no reply from their end. now could you please advise action to be taken?


    Dipankar adhya
    Dipankar. [protected]

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  • Ma
      Jul 19, 2013

    Dear Sir,

    I had invested Rs. 3650 under Sterling Tree Magnum, Cert No: P2537, dated: 12.9.1996.

    I still retain the certificate.

    So far, I have received no payment in return.

    Please could you advise if there is any procedure to follow to retrieve any returns?

    I wait to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards
    Manju Sarkar ([protected]

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  • Ta
      Sep 01, 2013

    I have purchased tree in rs. 1825 application no a104732. certificate no j2757. date of 28/09/1996 to 27/09/2016. company not responded my investment so inform me +[protected] or email [protected] pleas send contact number & address. of company.
    regards smt. ujawala v kalyankar.
    Kalyankar complex, 4 th floor,
    E, s. t stand sangli.
    Dist. sangli. taluka miraj
    Pin 416416. maharashtra.

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  • Ta
      Sep 01, 2013

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  • Ta
      Sep 01, 2013

    repgfrgerm 3gtk34opug

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  • Ta
      Sep 01, 2013

    company contact on [protected]

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  • Ta
      Sep 01, 2013

    Application no A104732 certificate no J2757 joining date 28/09/1996 To 28/09/2016 not return fist interim date on 27/09/2002
    my status reply on email [protected] or +[protected]

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  • Di
      Oct 25, 2013

    Sir I have invested Rs 3650.00 pm 23 Sep 96. Certificate No P 1271. Please guide me for recovery the amount the company. My email [protected]

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  • Sk
      Jan 09, 2014

    I am one of the customer and have been cheated by this company from bangalore
    This company address which was given in the bond when searched in chennai came up
    To be an fake company (even the security who was at the chennai office told daily I am fed
    Up by replying to the customers that they have absconded closing the company). what
    Are the chennai police doing? they have cheated around crores together and I even invested about 15 years back thinking that we can agive a bright future to our children.
    The company people who have cheated should be brought to court. if any of you have any details about this company plz mail me at. [protected]

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  • Sk
      Jan 10, 2014

    who ever has invested in this sterling tree magnum plz be in touch with every one so
    that we can prove that unity is strength and whatever money which we have invested is not
    simply throwing away it is hard earned money B'cause when the money was invested 15
    years ago it was for a good cause for our future and plz dont let it go waste.

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  • Ja
      Mar 08, 2014

    I had purchased two teak tree worth rs.1475/-each from sterling tree magnum in the year 1994 in the name of my daughter neha mehta tthrough application no g 107299 and certificate no. d1382 please suggest what to do?
    I have tried to contact then many time, no reply, no response, any of you having any clue about then please contact on my mobile no. [protected] and my mail id : [protected]

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  • Ma
      Mar 24, 2014

    My application no. is u 6528 and my certificate no. is e 1183 and
    Purchase 5 trees planted at mela ambur village. kindly let me know how can I
    Contact the authorized person of the company. my mobile no [protected]. mail id.. [protected]

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