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Lyft / unprofessional drivers

1 United States

Wednesday, february 06, 2019 / nyc / after 5pm / light rain

I attempted to get a ride home with lyft because there was a promotion for $10 off. From december 2018 to today, I had been using uber services daily, twice a day. Saving $10 sounded great.
I entered my pickup location in the middle of the block because on the one end, there were puddles of mystery liquids all over - I am in a leg brace, recovering from acl repair surgery and do not think I need to risk my life, health, and limb to get into a cab. The other end of the block is near a fire house; it is a one-way road and having a cab pick me up there would potentially delay a fire truck that is responding to an emergency; i'm not keen on having that on my conscience.

Attempt 1 "unal" - I watched as the driver approached, passed me, and drove away without even pausing to look for me. Driver cancelled the ride when he was two blocks away, according to the gps on the lyft app.
Attempt 2 "tornike" - I received text message notifications that the driver had arrived and the map indicated the same. However, once I located the vehicle (matched the car model and license plate to what I was shown on my screen), I watched a man accompanied by two small children get in the car. The driver then drove away, and cancelled the ride with me.
Attempt 3 "zaman" - broadway is a three-lane road, with parking on both sides. I reached out to the driver the please pull over on the passenger's side of broadway, since that is 1. Where I was waiting and 2. It would take me quite a while to cross the street with my leg brace hindering my range of movement. (I would like to note that I have no problem with crossing over, but it would be inefficient to have the driver wait longer than necessary / hold up traffic.) driver pulled over on the driver's side of broadway. It started to rain at this point and my view of the far side of the road was blocked by traffic. I reached out to the driver through text message to try and locate him. He then called me and proceeded to tell me that he deliberately pulled over on the driver's side of broadway because it was more convenient for him. I told him that I was crossing over now and asked if he could please wait five minutes for me, because that is how long it would take me to reach his vehicle. I was approaching the taillight of his vehicle when he decided to drive away, and I got the notification that he cancelled the ride.
I've heard horror stories from passengers who used uber, lyft, juno. I wasn't assaulted or verbally abused. But this is beyond ridiculous; three drivers cancelling on me for no apparent reason within a span of twenty minutes. Twenty minutes may not sound like a lot, and it wouldn't be, had it not been windy and rainy, combined with constant pain from my ‘bad' knee, and aching from standing too long on my ‘good' leg. My hands were shaking from the cold, but I had to keep them out with no gloves on, in order to keep the lyft app going on my phone every time a ride was cancelled on me.
I just wanted to get home safely.
Before yesterday, the last time I had used lyft was june 2018. Needless to say, I will not be using lyft ever again, nor would I recommend this service to anyone. This was not worth potentially saving $10.


Feb 7, 2019

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