Lyft Driverlyft customer service/racist [censor]

I am an african-american lyft driver. For the longest, I spent all day doing rides that earned between $2.00 and $4.00 in the african-american community. I assumed this was all that was there. Eventually, I was sent to an address apparently by mistake. When the customer got into my car, she said I was not who she was waiting for. I showed her my app to pick her up. She showed my her app of who she was waiting for. It was a white guy who had not arrived yet. Obviously, he was a lot further away. I was right there in the neighborhood. She canceled him and my app received the request. I took her to her destination. This ride paid over $20. Lyft had me doing low earning rides while sending whites into the african-american community to do all the high paying jobs. I complained to lyft customer support. After which, I discovered there's a lot of high earning jobs in the african-american communities. I caught lyft giving them all to white people. I'm assuming whoever is assigning he rides, works for lyft. Is this outsourced? I know it's automation. But it can also apparently be manipulated.

Dec 05, 2017

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