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I placed order in mid December, was told it would ship next day. When I hadn't rec'd it by January, tried to research it on their website and they claimed to not have a record of my order. Their "chat" is only a few hours in the evening, and you have to have order # to reach them. They provided a phone number that both my cell and house number could not connect to. Website said "For USA inquiries". I finally had to go through Paypal to reach them, and they suddenly "found" my order and said it was in transit and to "be patient". I replied back that I just wanted my money back and they refuse to pay me. This has went on for 10 days now. They sent Paypal a tracking number, but when I click on it, my computer blocks me from going to the website, and said there was a security issue. I finally found an email for service, and began contacting them through it, and they will only say "be patient" and "we close over weekend, delayed shipment" and "you can return package after it delivered and we will refund money". I explained I was not going to accept package, and if I had known it was coming from China, would have NEVER ordered in first place. I have had to escalate my dispute into a claim with Paypal. I did some research and this company has horrible reputation (which I normally check, but you see them advertised EVERYWHERE). I wish I knew how to block them from doing business in US. From all that I am read, the products are not what is ordered, the quality is horrible, and customers have to force them for information and the returns are sometimes never resolved.

Jan 09, 2017
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  • Di
      Jan 10, 2017

    I agree whole hardly. I order two coats one was a long Black fake fur line zip up coat with a hood to small !!!On the bag it had a sticker on it saying X5. I had order xxL thinking I would have plenty of room WRONG. The other two were the red double breasted coat first one I order said xxL which I wanted but I could not get my arm in so I took it to my son and had his wife try it on and I would give it to her for Christmas. She got it on and close but it was tight across her chest. SO I had her 13 yr old daughter try it on it fit good but she wanted to try and do a flip with it on mother said no and gave it back. SO HERE I AM trying to read the return order and what the hell its in Chinese can't read it.

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  • Pa
      Jan 19, 2017

    Lulugal should not be allowed to do business in the US. I had no idea I was ordering from China, although if the company were to operate honestly and openly I might have ordered from them anyway. As it was, when my products came I found the jewelry to be of carnival quality and the clothing poor quality and undersized by at least 3 sizes. I suspected something was amiss when I looked at the receipt to find that no items were listed, nor prices. It appeared it was being sent to me as if I were a wholesaler. I suspect Lulugal has found a way to bypass US import taxes. When I contacted them to return I, too found that they claimed to not find an order number. Without the # I could not get into the return or complaint section. I also filed a claim with Paypal and will be contacting the credit card company to complain. Then they responded to me and suggested I try to sell the poor products on my own as it will cost me too much to ship them back to China. This is a very poor way to do business and I believe it borders on being a scam. I will be reporting them to the federal trade commission, hoping they will know what to do.

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  • Mi
      Feb 02, 2017

    I have the same experienced. I order a dress Jan 20, 2017. I was told the dress will be sent out once the payment is approved which was approved right away. I did not hear any confirmation about my dress being ship. I emailed them a few times. I got one respond " my dress is pending" I need to have the dress by the 10th of February to wear to a 50th Dance Party. I doubt I'll even get this dress. I went to Pinterest site and someone comment to be beware of this company. I wish I saw that before I order the dress. I think we all need to write the business bureau about this company.

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  • De
      Mar 17, 2017

    I also ordered from lulu gal in December 2016 received my order about 3 weeks later also did not know these items were coming from China Received very poor quality items stains on the coat, fish wire coming out of the shirt . Tried to return the items told me it would cost me more money which they were right Post office gave me a cost of $55. to return Paypal was unable to help me said I could return the items but at my cost, I don't think Paypal was even aware of this company having such a bad reputation I know I also didn't till it was too late I think they are again on the internet using a different name Buyer Beware

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