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They are total crooks. I listened to their video, ordered my ‘free’ arthritis pills they were not free but I was charged $20 shipping and now I have a card from the post office to pay an $15 handling charge as they posted with incorrect funds. They have sent me hardcore advertising emails DAILY since I bought theses pills. They prey on the weak. They must be shut down and EXPOSED everywhere for the crooks that they are.

  • LoseTheBackPain Customer Care's Response, Sep 15, 2017

    Hi Charlotte,

    Please understand that the offer you took was for a free bottle, as is we do not charge you for that bottle, however we do charge for S/H on our side but you have to understand that your Gov does not regard free offers as free, they place a value on that product and we have no control over that value they invoke as a tax, duty or fee that they apply to the package.

    Please see the link below regarding our Shipping and returns policy

    Thank you, Best Wishes
    Eva Klein
    Customer Service Loyalty Manager
    The Healthy Back Institute

Sep 14, 2017

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