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Mr. Parrott
Sales manager
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I found a 2013 Passat with 8, 013 miles loaded, one owner listed at the Internet price of $14, 005, last Thursday (04/14/2016). I telephoned and got Travis on the phone. As the car had just come in, he did not have much information on the car. We set up an appointment to see the car on Saturday morning at 1000 04/16/2016).
I texted him on Saturday at 0953 (04/16/2016), as on Friday I had been diagnosed with Pneumonia & had laryngitis. I explained I would try to get in ASAP, but that being sick, it was not any time soon. Saturday afternoon, (04/16/2016) I loaded up with as much cold medicine as possible and had my husband drive me in, I still had no voice. Travis and I had an appointment for 1530. Apparently Travis had another appointment for 1530 as he passed us off to Marc. Marc took us for a test drive. The car was not exactly what I wanted, however, The price was great & the mileage was great. I put down a deposit and very specifically said I would be in touch on Tuesday (04/19/16).
On Monday (04/18/16) my phone started blowing up as to when was I coming in to buy the car from Travis & Marc. I went back on the Internet to retrieve the VIN# and noticed the car was not listed anymore. Marc texted me the VIN#, the exact mileage and the brand new price of $14, 995. (?) I questioned Marc on the new price and said just come in & we will get it worked out. After more texts, I finally called my husband and told him to go in and get all the paperwork together and I would run over and sign it.
So, I don't know if it is because I am a woman, an inexperienced car buyer, a blond or whatever...By the time Travis & Marc were finished with the paperwork the car was now priced at over $20, 000!!! If I remember correctly, there was a reconditioning fee, a restocking fee, an inventory fee, a cleaning fee and an I don't know what else fee tacked on. However, since they liked me, they would "discount" the car $4, 000. Than add tax, tag, title. Needless to say, I may be all of the above listed items, but completely stupid is not one of them.
I did not purchase the car.
I have gone back to read over all of your fine print and no-where do I see any of these fees disclosed. This was a less than pleasurable car purchasing experience.
I did send an e-mail to the General Sales Manager on 04/20/16 and have not heard one word.

Apr 20, 2016

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