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I purchased a car, and was assigned to Lebel Financial. I started making payments, and would always send an extra$50 on my bill. As time passed, we ran into a financial bind, and we were behind 1 payment. I call the customer service dept, and they were willing to allow me to catch up. I still made my monthly payment on time, and would send the extra $50 to offset the payment I was behind. I call them on Tues to ask for my balance, which is $1000. I told them I would call them back next week to make a payment over the phone, as I always did. My husband and I were going to decide to pay off the loan, or just send$500. Now, I still have time to make my regular monthly payment ($274 per month due on the 14th of the month). So when I called it was the 11th. Anyway, tell me why the repo man came to my house on Sunday at 1:30 am to take my car? I'm so mad! The girls that work in the office are very rude and insensitive. They told me o'well, thats what happens when you don't pay your bill. Are they serious?! They wouldn't even let me please my case. They basically took my car for being behind 1 payment of$250. Now I have to pay all these fees. Do they really need my little $300 in repo fees? I feel my car should not of been repossed. There shady, and very very rude! plus, you have to leave a voicemail to speak to a manager!!!

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  • Mm
      17th of Jan, 2011

    If you want to get your car back today, file bankruptcy. You'll have it back tomorrow.
    If it's unlawful repossession make sure that you call the licensing office for repo companies in your state if there are any.

    Find out what your states laws for repo'ing a car after a payemnt has been made, how many days, or months after..
    Then call a lawyer if you find that there are any violations of the law.

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  • Ve
      3rd of Feb, 2011

    Dirty business indeed. I went through the same thing. I made calls to them and told them on a monday, and told them I had planned to pay off my car and asked for my balance. My balance was only $1000, so I told the rep I would call them next week with a payment. Well they called, Wed, THurs, and on Fri, entered a repo order, and picked up my car on Sunday @ 1:30 am. They claim to of left me messages, which they never did! If they had, I would of called them immediately. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau. I'd suggest you do the same. If you look and see all the history online, they recently had a class action suit againts them. I'm looking for info to possibly get involved or get another one going. I was able to pay off my car like I told them I would, and had to pay an additional $480 in repo fees. You need to fight this. They can not continue to operate and scam people. Garey Lobel contacted me, and told me hisself, that he didn't see why my car was repoed, but yet, denied my request to have my fees reimbursed. This place claims to help people with bad or no credit. They just made it worse by marking our credit with a repo.

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  • Pr
      1st of Mar, 2011

    I made my payment over the phone on 2/9 with a agent who was very rude. So rude I complained to her manager. I called on 2/25 because the payment had not cleared my account. I spoke to the same manager who I made the complaint with and she told me everything was fine and they had my payment. That following Monday they reposed my car saying they got my payment back. Apparently they tried to take the payment from a old account. The fact that I called them Friday them and said there was a problem because it hadn't cleared yet wasn't good enough and didn't send up any flags to anyone. No one thought to check the account they didn't call me on monday instead they just picked up my car? So the money is sitting in my account and now they have my car. If I wasn't trying to pay them I would be really upset but I have the money I was trying to make my payment.

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  • Ma
      3rd of May, 2013

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