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I bought a voucher through Living social for discounted window cleaning. When I contacted the window clearing company to use the voucher they told me that their catchment area didn't include Twickenham, When I pointed out to them that their website clearly indicated that our area was included in their domestic catchment area they told me that the information displayed on their website was incorrect and hadn't been updated for 2 years (as they hadn't had time to do so. !!!)

I then emailed livingsocial (who promise refund within 7 days) to explain the situation asking them to refund the money I'd paid.. Their website promises a "prompt reply" to any queries and yet after sending them 3 emails and waiting 4 days I've had no response from won't be using their company again and would advise anyone against making the same mistake.

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  • Gi
      9th of May, 2012

    I've had a similar issue with LS. I bought and gifted some house / carpet cleaning and when attempting to book this with the vendor (it took several attempted to get them to just answer the phone!) I was told that the only way they will book it in is if I tell them where I live and they will tell me when they can come wih just a day or 2 for notice. No flexibility with this either. The booking conditions on the deal clearly stated that the only condition was a 48 hours cancellation policy. I have sent 5 emails to LS and have had no response. NEVER EVER using this service again!

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  • Li
      3rd of Jul, 2012

    They are awuful. Was buying from them for a while, but had a problem with one of the deals, they were basically covering the cost, as it appeared that to get that deal I had to pay at least 10 pounds extra. When phoned for refund, conviniently was cut off a few times, after that promissed to be contacted by the manager to solve the problem, at the end got email from unknown sender, that if I am not happy with the deal I can give it to someone as a present. Whan a joke. Non of my money ever going to that company again.

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  • Di
      5th of Jul, 2012

    I've had an awful time with them too. I bought a deal for an activity for two people and got the confirmation email from them. But they charged me for four people which was a more expensive option on the same deal. I have emailed and emailed...even sending them a copy of the confirmation email which they sent me. Amazingly they just keep telling me that I booked the more expensive option. I open the email they sent me and read it...and can't understand how they can't understand! Can't anyone read at Living Social?????
    Originally I just wanted the extra money they took from me back and to use the deal for two people but now I want a full refund. I've had patronising emails telling me that I should be patient..and two emails telling me that I booked the more expensve deal.
    Nearly a month now and they still haven't learnt to read the words ' Deal for two people - £32' Completely useless.
    I won't give up and am now contacting newspapers and forumsspreadingg the word about how useless they are and persuading people not to touch them. Don't these people know how infectious bad customer service is?

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  • Re
      26th of Aug, 2012

    Absolutely disgusting company. I bought a deal that was fully booked months before the expiry date. I was told to try for cancellations by the provider .Eventually a month before the expiry date I was advised by them to ask for a refund from LS for they were not able to provide the service. I have written to Living Social seven times over 3 months but had no answer until eventually I got a response 3 and a half months later:
    'We apologise for the delay, however it appears that the merchant gave you incorrect information as are refund policy is as below:
    We’re sorry that this deal didn’t work out for you and understand that you would like us to refund your voucher. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend you a credit card refund or Deal Bucks credit because your request is outside our refund policy.'
    'Unfortunately as your voucher is subject to availability then the voucher is redeemable so even if the merchant is fully booked on certain dates but then not on other, we would expect customers to use the voucher on these dates as the voucher is subject to availability and this is a term customer agree to when they purchase a deal. If the merchant is fully booked and has no availability left, the unfortunately as your voucher is subject to availability and this is a term customer agreed to when purchasing the deal, then it may mean that you lose out on the deal.'
    In other words a deal is a gamble. As it happened the merchant was fully booked months ahead and his availability was not in line with the number of deals sold. LS then is in the opinion: tough luck we take your money but we told you lose it even if the merchant cannot honour their promise. That is simply called 'availability'. He is not available lose your money. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS COMPANY !!!

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