Lipton Tea / no longer has any flavor & tea are all torn

United States

I have drank only LIPTON TEA my whole life {except for when the stores didn't have any in stocked when I went to buy tea.} And I buy only the largest boxes of tea you all put out. Well lately not only has the tea not been the usual flavor {I'd say at least the last 3 months ='s at least 4 big boxes} But the last 4 100 count boxes have had over half the bags just fall apart when the hot water hits them in the cup. And I can't believe that I pay top dollar for you alls TEA BAGS only to end up with crappy tasting loose tea.I'll be beyond pissed off if this next {& maybe my last} time I buy your tea bags & they have no flavor & fall apart as well. I don 't mind paying more for your tea when it taste like it has my whole life & no more than a couple {2 tops} tea bags fall apart.But I'm not paying you all top dollar for half a box of crappy tasting tea. I will not only buy different tea but I will buy a different brand ALL TOGETHER!! I know that the only thing I'm gonna hear from anyone { IF ANYTHING} about this complaint is a standard e-mail: we got your complaint letter & someone will be intouch with you soon.Yea thats not good enough so I will copying this complaint & reposting back here everyday & sending it to your headqaurters as often as possible until you all make this right!! This is just the saddest thing ever that you all think you can not only change the taste of the tea {& NOT 4 THE BETTER} but that you all think that selling me {US} crappy quality tea bags is exceptable.Niether is exceptable!! I'm beyond sadden by your companies actions. Shirlie Barone {[protected]@ATT.NET}

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