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Lipton / Pure leaf extra sweet tea, tea particles

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I'm a regular buyer of this tea and today i found this fuzzy stuff in my tea. my science teacher looked under a micro scope and thinks its mold. it doesn't expire until June 3, 2013. I find it disgusting and i would like for you to investigate it. thank you.




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  6th of Jan, 2013
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I have also found something similar to this in my tea. I curious to find out what it is...
this is some nasty looking stuff. I have been drinking this tea faithfully for over 4 months. This is going to be interesting to see how this turns out.
  17th of Mar, 2013
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i just found the same stuff in my tea. 2 separate bottles from the same store...both raspberry. Its super gross...I am throwing these bottles out and switching to a different brand. interestingly...these bottles also expire june 2013
  20th of Apr, 2013
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I noticed today while drinking a Pure Leaf Extra Sweet Tea that it tasted rather different then what I am used to. Mind you I drink quite a bit of these (4-6 a day). When I looked at the tea I noticed stuff floating in bottle and a big chunk of what appeared to be mold. I have attempted to contact Pure Leaf directly via their Questions and Comments phone number on the back of the bottle with no luck. This particular bottle has an expiration date of Oct1413. I just purchased it this morning on my way to work. I am quite disgusted and unless the issue is fixed I will not drink another one of these teas.
  13th of May, 2013
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Today I purchased a bottle of Pure Leaf Tea. Opened the cap on the way to the car and took a swig. A gelatinous like glob of dark green sludge went into my mouth. I spat it out on the cap. I notified the store. An hour later I felt burning in my throat. I called Lipton and they were closed but on the recording gave a product safety 800 number. I called that... A man took my information down and said if I get sick to go to a doctor. And said that the consumer department would call tomorrow. I was advised by Poison Control to get checked out by a doctor. I went to doctor and doctor detected redness but no blisters. Could not identify it. With a sterile q-tip he could not easily separate it. It was slippery and kind of like the inside of an oyster. There is other lighter sediment in the bottle. I am waiting for a response back from Lipton.
  13th of May, 2013
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The picture below goes with comment from Michael New Mexico

  30th of Jun, 2013
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I just purchased a Lipton Pure Leaf Raspberry tea today and have found something along the lines of what you have found and also before I found the object, noticed that the tea didn't taste right. This tea's expiration date is November 18 2013. It would be really nice to know what this is, since more and more cases are appearing.
  27th of Mar, 2014
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Has anyone figured this out yet? The complaints above we're in 2013. I opened a bottle of Lipton Pure Leaf Iced Tea Unsweetened last night and as I took my first swig there was a really strong odor like moldy gasoline! It tasted horrible. I have tried to call Lipton but they have bankers hours so I waited until they opened, and now everyone is in a meeting. I opened the bottle again this morning and the odor of mold is HUGE! There is also a cloudy glob in the bottom. What is this? My bottle doesn't expire until October 6, 2014.
  29th of Mar, 2014
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I just bought a 6 pack of Pure Leaf unsweetened tea. The first bottle I opened and couple of sips out of tasted moldy. I checked what was left in the bottle and sure enough, mold. I threw it out and checked the other bottles...no mold in them. I opened a second bottle and it tastes fine...so far not sick. The expiration date on the bottles are Oct. 6 2014. I drink this all the time. Lesson learned: look before opening or drinking.
  30th of Mar, 2014
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I bought Unsweatened Pure Leaf tea 6 pack on 3/29/14, drank a small amount on 3/39/14, with Oct 6, 2014 expiration date. Same issue with white colored mold. Called 800 number and they said it is likely mold. 38 weeks pregnant. Called Poison Control as well. Hoping that it is not too harmful. Same thing has happened with Gatorade. I will no longer buy any products made by the Pepsi Company. No preservatives in these products leaves everything to sterilization and bottling process.
  1st of May, 2014
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Same here...Mine was unsweetened Pure Leaf. Soapy perfume taste. Drank/chugged about 4/5 before I checked to see if something was in it. Sure enough. Stupid me. I usually drink coffee to wake up. I was running late and grabbed this from the fridge...last time I do that. 11/03/14 Expiration date. Honestly the last time I drink Lipton.
  1st of May, 2014
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I found something similar in my tea. Has anyone heard back from the company?
  2nd of May, 2014
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nowexp 09/14 disgusting . Never buy again. My tea had filmy chunks n smelled like perfume or soap, I dumped remainder out so my children didn't drink it but the bottle smells like beer after sitting out open in Sun. I have been sick for hrs .. Nothing gets the horrible taste out of my mouth I'm very angry n pure leaf better hope I'm not to sick to work in morning already gonna be a lil sleep night. I'm so sick, disgusted, disappointed, they need to recall every tea with exp. date between now n jan 15 sounds like many people having the same issue.
  9th of May, 2014
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I drink pure leaf sweet tea all the time. Just opened a bottle and thankfully happened to look before drinking. Lots of little chunks of something floating at the top and also on bottom. Expiration Oct 20 14. Will not buy again
  14th of Jun, 2014
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What can I do I just noticed mold in mine as well doesn't expire until September 8 2014. My children and I literally drank a whole six pack and my baby said mom what is the whiwhite stuff mom it was in mine too, I look and omg!! Mold.
  1st of Jul, 2014
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I had the same experience with the sweet tea from Pure Leaf. I disposed of the moldy bottle of tea, but now find that even a fresh newly opened bottle makes me nauseated. I have only just made the connection between drinking the Pure Leaf Tea and nausea a hour later. Any idea what is causing this?
  29th of Sep, 2014
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Recently, I realized and have experienced the same situation as most others on this board with Pure Leaf Extra Sweet Tea. A while back, I bought a single bottle of this tea and drank from it without any issues. I let the bottle sit for a day or two at room temperature and was considering finishing the bottle at that point when I noticed a substance in it. I thought to myself, "may be i put a tea bag in it or something to keep myself from drinking anymore of it". I took the bottle to the kitchen, pulled out the substance, and the texture of it was like that of something slimy, and thin, something like a tea bag, but was not. This was about a month ago. Now, about 1 week ago I've noticed the same thing in one of my pre-opened bottles. Now I know for sure that I did not insert anything into that bottle, and from reading other comments I understand that substance to be mold. Needless to say, I am now seeking legal action of possible for this. Now, as I think we should all do about everything we consume, I question everything that is manufactured and sold unto us. BE VIGILANT!
  10th of Nov, 2014
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I thought I was the only one who have experienced this! I was drinking Pure Leaf Green Tea and all of a sudden some sort of slime slid into my mouth, I immediately spat it out. It looked like mould but not as dark as the pictures above. It was more of a clear blob with dark spots inside. The expiration date was okay as it was stated to expire in 2015. This was absolutely disgusting and I as well loved Pure Leaf Teas.
  15th of Jan, 2015
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I purchased a 6pack of Pure Leaf sweetened tea yesterday. I had one last night, which was fine; the one today was funny tasting. At first I thought maybe there was an after taste from something I ate that was affecting the taste. I made my husband confirm and he said it was not right. Convinced I spiked the tea with liquor, as a joke, he noted it smeeled strongly of alcohol. After inspecting the remaining tea, I found a grossly shaped blob of clear-white with a black center, floating inside. All it reminded me of was a jelly fish or a large hawk spit. There are several other particles floating in it, as well. I immediately vomited!! I gained my composure and turned to Google only to find a recall from MAY 2014 by the FDA for PureLeaf 6&12packs due to MOLD! It is January of 2015 and the tea expires 6/15. Please tell me why there have been moldy beverages from at least 2013 (the first post here) a recall in 2014, and more mold today in 2015? I'll tell you why! The standards and precautions during the sterilization and bottling are not being properly controlled and even after a recall of over 600k bottles of their beverage, they still don't care enough for the health and safety of their consumers to fix it. No exaggeration, I've been drinking this tea for 15yrs or more; when it was bottled in a glass container... simply called Lipton tea. Well, today is the day I give this crap up. I will never look at another bottle of Iced Tea the same 😷😷
  30th of Apr, 2015
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April 30th, 2015 - Bought a single Pure Leaf Raspberry from Giant. Started drinking from it and noticed that it tasted strongly of soap. It doesn't look like there's anything in it, but I feel nauseous now. I'm not buying this stuff again.
  13th of May, 2015
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today is May 5th, 2015, bought a 6 pack of Pure Leaf unsweetened iced tea yesterday, I have been buying this stuff for a couple years and recently the quality has been very bad. A mold flavor in many bottles but not all of them. it tastes like they made it with swamp water.
I drank it for a year with no issues...then a few months before they switched to cardboard packaging on the 6 pack from the clear plastic shrink wrap the quality of this drink became terrible.

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