Liligalproduct/service/returning process awful

I don't even want to give these people the satisfaction of one star. I give them ZERO.
I ordered a dress for a wedding in hopes I could wear it to another one. The dress arrived late and was cheap material. While trying to track the dress it said it shipped on May 8th and would arrive by the 15th, it didn't arrive until May 25th. When I opened the dress the hem was coming apart and just by me trying the dress on fell apart more. Online it looked like the material would be somewhat thick and with a silk shine to it. It was more of a cotton feel and was see threw. When I asked for a refund, more than once, I was told they will not give me a full refund. After many emails back and forth I had to SETTLE for an 80% refund because the MANAGER wouldn't give me more. WHAT company does that?? It boggles my mind that they can sell merchandise and not give you back a refund. All while it states that they DO in fact give refunds and its an easy process. I call BULL. I will be sure to not only write on this website but as well as other to let people know how AWFUL this entire process has been. Whoever the manager is should be ashamed of this so called "business" they run. I also have no idea where I would even send something because they wouldn't confirm an address and it is impossible to talk to a person. POOR customer service.

Jun 06, 2018

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