Lifetouch / all photographs

Minneapolis, MN, United States

Right off the bat, I was missing my son's portraits ordered online and my daughter's portraits were of Last Year (2017) with the Wrong Name. I've called to make corrections 5 times, received 11 packets total (only 5 are passable, the rest is a total loss, and even then, I was still missing products) and received 11 emails. So far, I've received portraits of my son's with 3rd grade when he is in 6th grade, with the Wrong background, no name and grade with year on both of my kids' portraits. Most of the packets had no CDs, and no retouch on eyeglass's glare for my daughter, and they've added pink (same shade as her glasses) to my daughter's hair that I can only hope to pass off as gum!!! Disappointing is an understatement. I've been really disheartened by LifeTouch and their representatives, overall. If given a choice, I'd avoid LifeTouch completely. The way it is, in the future, I'd try to get by with the barest minimum possible.


Oct 16, 2018

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