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On 8/13/10 i went for the sales pitch but after meeting one of the 'stars' in the lobby waiting who said she had her procedure two years ago ( by the same doctor) and now wanted her eyes done. She was so radiant and happy ... i allowed Lifestyle Lift to do their thing on me 8/18/10. As you can see from the hour of this writing i am up- still in pain 8/28/10. My eyes are ruined ! They made them smaller, mean looking. the incisions arent in the crease but across the lids- neither eye matches nor did the style of the sitiches put in them. surgeons have distinctive stich styles, and i sware their techs did my eye procedure ! I have folds of skin over the red puffy scar on one eye, with scars 1/2" out on both eyes. i never even had crows feet on either eye ! I have never worn make-up and dont even know how i will funtion in public like i look...!
My face is 4" broader across the ears, which were "re-sected" to my face ! ( One ear is NOT connected ) I wonder that i hear with them. My scars are in front, in back, in my hairline above and my neckline below ! My neck has a bulge across the trachea, and a lump under one side. Around my ears and neck below them is hot and still swollen. I too have been eating through a straw, while laying in ice packs . Not able to drive because of pain pills, and i never took asprin ! My children were born at home and i cooked dinner later.
The procedure is not an hour. You do not get up and go to work afterwards, nor did i look anything like their models!
I am Disabled individual and feel this MacDonalds- for- faces more than just ripped me off . i'd give anything to have my old self back !
The procedure took from 1:30-6:45pm. they brought me out un-councious, from the pain probably, dumped me in my construction worker brothers car. They KEPT MY PURSE though. So i had No credit or debit cards, no cash ( which wasnt there upon the nearly 24 hour return) i had no ID or insurance cards either. Couldn't go to ER, and even then they would have unwrapped the 48 hour facial 'corseting' i was to stay in . When i 'came to ' at my brothers, at 1a.m, i was trying to scream- with raw pain.
With no keys, (in the purse ! too) we hadn't been able to take me to my home. Called a locksmith to get in- had no money or checks, so my brother finally broke into the house to get to the pain pills. My brother had to call a retired nurse friend to stay with me, and take my pulse for the next 12 hours

After the huge lies and misrepresentations about the reality of LifeStyle Lift experience here, I must speak out !

BEWARE !!! BEWARE ! BEWARE !! Nadia from Tavares Florida

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      Aug 29, 2010

    Me again - forgot: they never did any Lazer to my face . I am licensed Facial Specialist. I was charged for this .

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      Oct 07, 2010

    Lifestyle Lift gave me the "Free" consultation and then stuck me with a $400.00 fee after I canceled the surgery date within 24 hours of the "Free Consultation". It took 4 months to get the money back for which they had done "nothing" and even then it cost about $35.00 for fees for the Medical Credit Card I had used! They are a rip off!

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      Oct 08, 2010

    Life style Lift finally did my fraxel (?) Laser... whole face... Tuesday. This was done to complete the original services promised. I received no notes on care for following post-procedure, and conflicting instructions orally on the care P-p. If they are in the big business of 'make N faces' why don't they care more about what they are doing ? Responsibility doesn't end with mere payment.
    I was advised by the lawyers at my bank to make a medical complaint about quality of services... If you received no services you can get credited by the card issuer ! CERTIFY letter ( fax too) objecting to charge. I am still awaiting results of "healing" and am on down-time again. Boy do i know the meaning of "what price vanity" ! it is far more than money...

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