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1 OH, United States Review updated:

I joined in January 2009 and they have a number of times now NOT charged my credit card while claiming they tried and then trying to say when they charged, it was declined. This allows them to charge the very same credit card they claim declined moments earlier with a $10.00 late fee each month.

Catching on to this I complained and found most of the people at the local gym in Pickerington, Ohio helpful but have also found some absolutely rude and uncaring people at the home office in Florida.

Linsey is a manager who has been very rude to me on a number of occations and most recently when I called in a few days ago, seeing that it was me she simply hung up in my ear. Just shameful. Even one of the desk girls at the club when I told her I had a problem with the home office suggested to me "Oh, you must have dealt with Lindsey" and went on to explain she hears that a lot so it's clearly a huge issue that LFF in FL just ignores.

Andrea is Lindsey's boss and it depends on the day with her. Andrea was really nice and helpful last month but today belittled me and tried to be dismissive about the real issues. I happen to confuse her adn another woman in a different department and she not only corrected me sharply but went on to use adverserial phrases like "I'm just trying to keep your factual" and "We need to just deal with the facts" Of course, the facts about shadey CC charges and people hanging up in my ear she was not interested in at all.

LFF has a great thing going at the gym level but I have now cancelled my kid's memberships and have had a couple of others I referred there cancel as well because of this.

For me, its not so much the money as it is the underlying false accusations of my somehow not being "factual" which of course infers to the logical person that I am lying, which I was not. The people for me at the local gym level have been great and friendly but the people in FL (with the exception of Chris who did do what he promised to do) are all out to do damage control instead of true customer service. Make no mistake, under the smiles you are just a number to the people on the phone in FL and their goal is to keep you quiet, not to resolve an actual issue.

..and yes, the cancelation policy is an absolute scam the way it is carried out. One month in advance makes perfect sense and protects the club which is very understandable. Two months is a gross taking advantage of others. Be warned when you sign up!!!

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      16th of Nov, 2009
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    I am having a problem with the lifestyle in pickerington as well. I was signed up with a woman named amy, I discussed that I wanted to be with the gym for only three months, because I was going to leave for college. She said this was no problem, so I paid the first and last months dues and had a charge for the month of august. I wasn't going to use most of september so she gave me a card I could use to redeem when I return for winter break.
    Well october rolls around, and I get a charge for 31.00 dollars. It takes me by surprise, I am broke for a week in school, I call them and I am told it was the last months dues. I let it slide with an coarse tone.
    November. Another charge, this time it overdrafts my account and I have to pay 70.00 dollars in overdraft fees to my bank. I call them to dispute this charge and I am told that because I never submitted a cancellation request in writing that I will be charged an additional 11.50 to stop all account activity immediately. I have no money. I scraped enough to cover the overdraft fees and I canceled my card.
    I get a call today that says they tried to charge my debit card but it didn't go through. They told me today that I will have to pay 51.00 dollars as well write a letter confirming my request to cancel. I opted to have it marked as a debt, and I still have to write them to cancel my account.
    So basically I was signed up, under the belief that I would be paying for three months, I confirmed this with amy, and their billing dept. ran rampant on my account.

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