Ultra Body Fitness Complaints & Reviews

Ultra Body Fitnessscamming minors at trufit gym at mission tx.

This is concerning my son who was scammed by a trainer named "Nino" in Mission Tx Trufit gym. Nino whorks for an independent company: Ultra Body Fitness. He told my son that he can try out the 1 month program for 168 usd and my son accepted to do it only for one month, he never mentioned a 12 month contract. Then Nino took my son's electronic signature from an ipad and pasted it to a 12 month contract! The trainer Nino is not taking responsability. After I asked for a contract (because he never signed one) I was given a sheet where my son's signature was electronically pasted on the paper. I would have never agreed to a 12 month personal trainer and my credit card is been charged for 168 usd for second time. I googled and found more complains about this trainer Nino. He has done this before to other people. He needs to stop. I been trying to contact corporate, or the district area manager Joel Matos but I don't have any answer. I really need help with this.

Ultra Body Fitnessnot giving me back my refund

I've waited more than the 48-72hrs to receive my refund from the corporate office. I was told by a Michael that I was going to receive my refund back today and I still haven't received it. They had swiped my card from October 13, 2018 and I have yet to receive my refund. Their operator Iyana was very rude and hung up the phone on me also. They are unprofessional.

Ultra Body Fitness — Bad predatory and aggressive merchant practice

Contract to provide personal training at Fitness Connection gym Baytown, TX is provided by Ultra Body Fitness (UBT). UBT has a sleazy little contract clause "minimum 30-day...