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Lexington Law STINKS THE BIG ONE. I have paid them for the most expensive service they offer to help me clean up my credit report. My report was in the 740 range but still needed to be cleaned up some. They took my money for a year with NO service. When I called them they were rude and acted like I was stupid.
I just talked to Sanah and she was horrible. I requested a simple call back and she told me to give her 5 days and then to call HER BACK. She was too busy to call me. I asked for a supervisor and she said her supervisor DARCY was too busy and could not call me back for 4-5 days.

I am going to cancel my service from them and do not recommend anyone use them!!!

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      May 14, 2012

    I agree on them being rude. No matter who I speak with, they answer in a sing-song, scripted, cookie cutter, condescending manner that makes me want to scream. They won't tell you ANYTHING that you can't read on the website, there is NO direction in what you are to do/not do besides pay them and wait. They'll go ON AND ON about how they are "leveraging the law" on your behalf, but won't tell you what that means. You don't get copies of anything they send out to bureaus or creditors, they don't say why they don't send out more than three validations every month, they don't explain how often things are updated, or when to check back, or what to look for...and the list could go on and on. I have heard about how many people they helped and how long they've been in business about 40 times now. I really just want to know what you are doing for ME. I have actually told different customer service "paralegals" to stop treating me like I'm an idiot, because that is exactly how they act. I wouldn't recommend their service to anyone, even if they do "help" increase my credit score.

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