Letgoretaliatory false review made by "buyer" that never responded

I have been giving bad reviews to people who have chatted me up about wanting to buy a product(s) Im selling.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Hixson, TNBuyers promise to meet me up but never show, chat me up about the item they really really really want and then go silent for a week or more, say that they dont have the money and are waiting for a relative to give them the money (which I politely waited a week for) which lead to nothing but silence and just simply saying Is this still available and not following through. All these people who have done this to me I have given bad reviews because of the games they like to play. One has since then gotten mad and wrote a retaliatory review because she "was on vacation" and she didnt even bother telling me that, so she just went silent like the rest. Here is the proof of the ### Im having to deal with.


May 01, 2017

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