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United States

I posted my sons iPhone for sale @$30 cheap. I got contacted . Told them it was connected through cricket when my son was using it. A few hours later they called back said it was old cricket not new cricket. I wasn't aware there were old and new cricket. I to them try metro and t Mobil where I bought the phone was purchased through a promotion. They told me they couldn't afford it and did not have the time to deal with it and want there money back. Sure the day sold was a week ago I have no idea what's been going on where they been taking having what done to it. So please I sold a lot of things on let go and had other problems where I had to involve the police. It's a risk dealing with people online. I don't expect to be protected I can do things on my own. But if let go reads all the transactions should do something about people wanting there money back after taking the product for about a week and decide they don't want it.

Jun 25, 2017

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