LetGo / fraud purchase

Grapevine, TX, United States

I had sold an iPad mini 2 for a gentleman who claimed he was in the military, even provided military ID. He claims he was buying it for his son in Nigeria, who was going to school. He sent the "money" through Western Union and I found out the tracking number was fake. The number was deleted. The military ID was fake and the USPS said the package could not be salvaged. As a result I'm out $79.00 for the express shipping. Here's the shipping number EZ124612067US. I would like my package returned and reimbursement for the shipping. I've already filed a local police report and last night when I called it was still in the United States. Please, look into this fraud/scam and get back to me via email or phone. Please, this was the first time I used your app..

Josh Williams

Jun 15, 2017

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