LetGo / bought a used hard drive that wasn't formatted

So I bought an ssd that the seller assured me was formatted. I went to do a clean Windows install only yo have it boot directly into Windows. It opens up to this kids desktop. Which has the usuals you'd expect Minecraft, steam, utorrent, and a PORN folder. And a not well hidden one at that. So I formatted it and went on with my day. I figured I should tell the kid so he knows for next time so he's not selling hardware with personal data on it. So I sent him a message which may have been a little rude. But least asking for a refund or anything I just figured he should know. He then changes his review of me that was 5 stars to 1 star. Saying I was rude and saying I was lying. He then proceeded to call me a "boonk ASS" so I blocked him and now I can't review him. So all people see is his side of the story even though I was looking out for him. There was probably no sensitive information on there and I didn't go looking. I literally saw the desktop and Windows pop up when no went to restart so I could format it. I know it was his because there were like thumbnails from selfies he saved to his desktop.
I reported him I just wish letgo would let me review him so I don't look like the [censor].


Nov 27, 2017

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