Leslies Pool Supply / New Pool Liner Leaking

Acworth, GA, United States

I ordered a Pool liner last year after 30 days and no call from them I went to the store in Woodstock Ga. Where I purchased it to be told that when I ordered it the Manager was a fill-in while the normal Manager was out of town, and it was never ordered. The manager at the store this trip was the actual manager and he got it ordered. 1 month later they show up to do the install it is now 2 months $3800.00 later. Pool liner is leaking found out that the crew that had installed it had been let go and Leslies had already had to replace other liners that they had installed. They sent out a technician to dye test the pool, they sent out technicians to check pool levels then they wanted to send out a diver a month later after 25 to 30 calls from me I'm told that it's to cold for a diver so they would close the pool and call me in the spring. Never heard another thing I had to call them so they sent someone out to dye test the pool WTH. He gets here and took the cover off and guess what. When they closed the pool they didn't bother to clean the leaves out it took 3 weeks for the diver to show up now the "Manager Ed" after 5 calls to him and to the service dispatcher I get a return call from him stating that he wants to send out a leak detection company and that they would be calling me the next day 5 day's later I get a call from them to find out they can"t do anything unless the pool is full and clear it is almost a YEAR and I still have not been able to use the pool.I want my pool liner replaced enough is enough NEVER USE THIS RIPOFF COMPNY UNLESS YOU HAVE MONEY TO THROW AWAY. NEVER A RETURN PHONE CALL, ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY GOOD LUCK WITH GETTING SERVICE. If I don't get this matter settled I will be seeking out others for a possible class action suit.

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