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First of all, I would normally never take the time to write a complaint on the internet, but these guys deserve it, and they've pushed me to the brink. For 3 months, I have waited on them to fix a minor problem with the heater on my pool - specifically, replacing the igniter that fires up the heater when it's turned on. 5, count'em - FIVE APPOINTMENTS CANCELLED over the course of 3 months AFTER I HAD ALREADY PAID FOR THE PARTS - TWICE!!! They originally replaced the part, then sold me up the river on another $300 "panel" which turned out to not only NOT be the problem, but quickly shorted out the rest of the circuitry on the heater. Knowing they had made a bad situation worse, they then proceeded to schedule, and cancel 5 more appointments, always with some lame excuse (wrong part came in, defective part came in, etc.) Each time, I confirmed the appointment as directed, only to have them call back (usually the day of) to cancel again. Today, I took the entire day off of work for what I hoped would be my last experience with them - and hoped to have the heater fixed. After waiting from 8am - 12 noon (as scheduled), I called and was told "they're on the way". Called back an hour and a half later, and was told "OOPS - there was a "scheduling problem"!!?? WHATTT??? Then - I'm tranferred to "Dispatcher Dan", who of course, could see all the nightmarish information on my service history, but was unable to help me at all. In fact, he told me the service tech had already been to my house and had discovered another problem - TOTAL LIE. So Dan transfers me to the Service Director, who, like a coward, let's me go to voice mail, and I'm done. I wouldn't even call back - but again, I've already paid them, and have nothing but lies, crappy service, and a broken heater to show for it. RUN AWAY FROM THESE ###S!!!

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      28th of Dec, 2009

    I went to Leslie's Pool supplies on Swan in Tucson today to get a new bulb for my pool light. The guy who was there approached me and asked me what I needed, and he then said something like, let's see what we've got, and I followed him into an area that was behind the counter. A young lady who was named Rae, said rudely and loudly to me, "Sir, Please step out here" or something to that effect. I said, "You mean I'm in prohibited territory?" And she said nothing but repeated, "Step around here, " or words to that effect. Well, the place is so cluttered, you can't tell when you're behind the counter and when you're not, and I followed the male employee at his invitation.

    This stupid girl has no people skills, and she has no business working in a place that depends on people skills for sales. She was no help whatsoever in getting me the parts I needed, and in fact, she carried on a flirting conversation with the male all the time he was trying to figure out how to help me (and he had no clue either) when she wasn't fiddling with her cellphone.

    I will never enter Leslie's again. I will never buy another cent's worth from them.

    I don't care whether or not they fire the woman, because it doesn't matter to me, but she cost them a customer.

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