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I had purchased Lenevo Vibe P1 and after 2 months, the touch screen issue started. I found a service center in Barrackpore, West Bengal. From 23-02-2016 my phone is at their service center, but still their parts have not arrived. They cannot guarantee me about the date of delivery. Whenever I ask them about the status, they are telling me repeatedly that the phone part has not still arrived and it's going to take more time. Now they are not even sure how much time more it's needed. If this is the case, why put the Clause 12 and 13 of the Service Center T&C??

The phone was delivered to me within 4 days of my purchase but when the problem occurred, I simply have to leave all my work and keep calling the Service center people who keep showing me attitude that if I can't wait I should take back my Phone. Should I consider therefore consider this as a problem of the phone in the manufacturing itself? Or, are your customer service people trained to behave in such ill manners. As a customer, when I paid for the Phone, I have every right to ask when I can get back a working phone. I think we buy phones for our use and not to be harassed like this and to keep calling Service Center.

I am adding in cc the consumer forum admin about all the matter. If I don't get any fruitful result of this email and my requests then I will have to consider this as a defect of the phone and me being cheated as a customer of a faulty product. Obviously, then I will go to any extent to spread out this harassment. Again, it is my request to only let me know of a guaranteed or approximate date when can I have my Phone back working properly.

Service center details:

Name: Syscomp Electra
Dist - 24 Parganas North
West Bengal, India
Phone: [protected] / [protected]
[protected] (received from customer care lenovo which is attached with this email)

My service number is: [protected]
Name: Rudranil Bhattacharjee
IMEI: [protected]

Thanks and Regards,
Rudranil Bhattacharjee
Phone: +[protected]

Mar 11, 2016

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