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For not quite a year now, I have complained to Chad at Len the Plumber about a plumping job that cost close to nine hundred dollars.
I will ALWAYS regret the day I trusted this company to fix my bathroom nobs and a faucet.
They have had to return because the tub handle would no longer turn, the nobs were coming off, the faucet was not the correct size, and the plastic hot and cold inserts keep coming off .
After the second time having these inserts fall out, I stated that these nobs were just junk and to replace them with something similar to what had worked for over fifty years.
WHen I spoke with Chad on March 29, 2010 he agreed to look for something better and get back with me on the following Friday April 2nd.
Did not get that call back and Called again on April 9, 2010 and asked to speak with Chad and was told he was unavailable.
I now have four nobs with visable holes where those inserts should be.
I even asked for my original nobs back and was informed that they had thrown them out!
What a nightmare.
Ready to contact the plumbing association and the better business bureau.
What an absolute mistake trusting this company.
Edith Robinson

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  • Ra
      11th of May, 2010

    Try Home Depot for replacement parts like descibed. I have been a master plumber for more than 35 years and would not have charge you anywhere near that price. For those $$ I would have installed new everything.

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  • Pe
      13th of Oct, 2010

    I had a plumber come into my home because I was told I had a slab leak . The company owner Charles Putzeys . Mr Putzeys son work with me and he told me his father was license and he could do the work for me at a good price since I was told by another plumber it would be almost 5, 000.00 . Mr Putzeys came to my home told me the job would be 600.00 for him to fixed the problem to call him when I get the money . On sept 30th he came to my home told me he was going to pull out my sink to check for the leak . He said on the 1st of October. he would come with his son to check a little further for the leak . I gave him a 1000.00 so he could also bring back the sink he took out and what he needed to fixed the sink back in place..When he came on the 1st of Oct he took out the toilet let the hole in the floor from the toilet uncovered . The smell from my main bathroom was coming into my room into the rest of house when someone used the bathroom. He also told me I need another 1, 200.00 to get the job done . I have a 84 yr old mother who got sick for a copy of days, 66 yr old brother living with me . I am 61 yr old recovering cancer patient that work 5 days out of a week . I had to get someone to come and fix the problem that did not tear up my foundation of my house that charged me 600.00 and I have hot water now . He send me a bill for what he had did to take my sink from the wall and cut a hole in the water 575.00 to remove the toilet and take up some tile 195.00 the material to replace my sink that he left in my hall was 207.58 and adic plumbing inspection 75.00. Mr. Putzeys told me on the 1st of Oct I had about a 180.00 left from the 1000.00 now he is saying I owe him 52.58. He did not complete the job or did he give me a receipt when he got my money and he put a copy of the receipt for the sink and the material not the original receipts of what he paid ..I feel Like I have been taken advance of and this person should be reported .

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  • Li
      28th of Oct, 2010

    My husband and I wanted to update our masterbathroom at a pretty reasonable price. We were prepared to pay out of pocket about $5, 000 (or maybe $6, 000 max) for the job, but finding a contractor (and a licensed one) was tough. Finally we found WHYPAYMOREHANDYMAN.COM and a licensed contractor by the name of Charles Putzeys.

    When we sat down and wrote out the contract with Charles Putzeys, he assured us that we could trust his workmanship and that he could accomplish the job for $6, 000. He mentioned that we may only have to pay a couple hundred for the extra supplies, but that we could get a GREAT discount if we bought a lot of our supplies from a warehouse in Temple, Texas that he referred us to. Luckily, we already had some of the supplies we "thought" we needed and estimated a cost for the extra items prior to the contract.

    In any event, in the beginning we were so excited. It seemed like a lot of progress was being made. Charles Putzeys had two other gentlemen do the work and he never stopped by to monitor progress or anything (I thought he was the one who had the license and not his workers?)
    We paid him the money on time and it seemed to be going great...then we ran into a problem with piping and got charged another $600 on top of the $6, 000 we already owed. Every other day, one of the workers would call my husband and say that we needed to buy more supplies. The first big load we got from Lowes was about $350. The next couple days it varied between $60 to maybe $250 over a course of about 2 weeks or so. At first it didn't seem too bad, but by the end of the project we ended coming out of pocket over $10, 000!!! To make matters worse, his workers wouldn't show up some days (granted, a couple times it rained) but the other times we would wait and wait and NO ONE would show. By the last week of the project, the workers were gone for 5 of those days. It took them MUCH LONGER than we anticipated.

    And now for the husband and I spoke to the workers and made it VERY CLEAR that we wanted the door to open outward and NOT inward. We mentioned this SEVERAL times. And guess what happened? CHARLES PUTZEYS' WORKERS PUT THE DOOR NOT ONLY ON THE WRONG SIDE, BUT ALSO OPENING INWARD!!! I was so livid, but was so tired of the extended project. If they took it down they would have to re-do the whole door-way and walls and I just could not take it anymore. Everytime I see that door, I cringe.

    After we thought the worse was over, after about 2 weeks of using the shower, there was a leaking between the walls which caused damage to the walls in the kitchen and one of our bottom kitchen cabinets. We called and emailed and called and emailed and Charles would "promise" us that he would send one of his workers over. That worker NEVER showed up. A month later, still no show. It took us 5 NO SHOWS before we got the worker to show up and there was NO PHONE CALL or contact made, he just showed up and caught me off guard. The culprit of the leak is that CHARLES'S WORKERS FAILED TO TIGHTEN THE PIPES WHICH CAUSED US MORE THAN 3 MONTHS DAMAGE TO WALLS AND CABINETS THAT WERE OTHERWISE IN GOOD CONDITION.

    Now, after about 11 months there is cracking in the grout on the vanity and all around the shower. The grout is actually separating from the wall. Now we have MORE LEAKS. I have contacted Charles Putzeys about this because his workmanship has a 1 year guarantee as long as it is not the hardware at fault. Charles Putzeys has YET to contact me back. My husband and I believe that he will probably NOT say anything and allow the year mark to pass. Of course we sealed our grout and treated it as we were supposed to, but the cracks are VERY noticeable and water damage is slowly occuring.

    So I would definitely say that anyone in the central Texas area should go with another contractor and NOT Charles Putzeys of WHYPAYMOREHANDYMAN, because in the end you WILL BE paying a lot more than you thought not just financially but also with shoddy work that is covered up real nice.

    Oh, and did I mention that we had a very large mirror that has mysteriously disappeared since the completion of the project?

    Bottomline, if you work with CHARLES PUTZEYS then you will be paying a lot more. Look elsewhere. He will make it seem like you're only paying a reasonable amount, but as the days and weeks progress he will find something else that needs to be tacked onto an already rising bill.

    The folks who previously posted their complaint on this site about him couldn't have said it better. Take it from us and don't do what we did.

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  • Ch
      27th of Aug, 2011

    Like in any story there's to sides to it, it's very easy to destroy someone's reputation by just using the Internet and posting what ever one likes, and not present hard core evidence.
    Hello, my name is Charles A. Putzeys, yes the one they accuse here in all this ranting above. The fact of the matter is that on the first post here above, the lady who posted will never tell you that I had told her in advance that I could never do the job for $600.00 or even $1000.00. I told her that we needed to get a leak detection company to inspect the floor/walls and find the leak. One was hired, and they did NOT FIND THE LEAK, they pin pointed a place, but it was the wrong place. at that time I told her that my previous estimate was no good any more, because if the leak was not behind the sink inside the wall, this old estimate it would have to be changed. Why because now we had to start from scratch and BREAK THE SLAB, that means to remove ALL THE flooring in the bathroom, with a jack hammer break concrete, replace the bad pipping, re-poor concrete. Re-install tile in all the bathroom, then install the toilet and the new sink. Let me say it again, I removed the sink and vanity, open the wall, did plumbing behind the wall, removed the toilet, removed all the tile around the toilet, AND FOUND THE LEAK ON THE SLAB. Then out of the monies that she wave me went and purchased a Total of $243.00 in Materials which I left at her house.

    She had another estimate for $5000.00 (read above) My final estimate which I told her ahead of time was going to be for a Total of $2500.00 minus the $243.00 I had already spent on the supplies for the sink and vanity. But here's the thing, in my 32 years of doing business and knowing human nature, I have found that you will always find people that will try to take advantage of someone that works with his hands. I feel that I was very up-front with this lady, I told her in advance that the estimate could go up because we didn't know the intensity or place of the leak.

    As for the other post here, I wish I would have known about the mirror that disappeared from their home, because if I would have known I would have inquire with my sub-contractors on the job. And as for the other parts of the complaint, I could tell you that, I was there checking twice a week. And yes we were doing the job during the rainy season, and could not force my workers when they just don't want to get wet.

    As for over all job, they purchased ALL THE MATERIALS, THEY CHOSE THE SHOWER AND SINK NOBS, THE GROUT, THE TILE. I had no saying in what they wanted to buy because that was their budget that they were working with. As to the notion that I never sent the man back, this is just not true. He went back twice and fixed the small minor problem that they complaint about.

    The project was massive remodeling of their bathroom, we removed a complete wall leading to their laundry room to move the shower to that room, it was massive plumbing because when we removed this wall we found about 7 to eight copper pipes coming out of the slab. We had to move them and rerouted through another wall, yes this was unsuspected and for that I told him is was going to be an additional $425.00, that he could pay me or get his own plumber but I guess he had asked around, because he took my price for this item right away. A plumber could and would charge up to $1500.00 for the same job.

    I' posting some pictures of the finished job so that you can see how nice it came out, and how satisfied they were with my work, infact they told me that they would refer me to their friends and co-workers.

    Charles A. Putzeys

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  • Li
      21st of Nov, 2015

    Len the Plumber messed up my next door neighbor's yard also.. They said they would come and take a look. It is a muddy mess all the way down my sidewalk and yard.I have not seen anyone yet. I will not sign off on the landscape waiver!!

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