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Ordered Leather motorcycle chaps from these thugs. When I went on their site I had to update my profile. I was able to update my billing address and did update my shipping address but for some reason my shipping address defaulted back to an old address that I had not lived at for 3 years. When I called them to tell them that my shipment was going to go to the wrong address they were very rude to me. They did agree that they could see I updated my info and for some reason it defaulted back...but said it was my fault I didn't notice it defaulted back. Yeah, well I'm human. They wanted an outrageous amount of money to change the address to change the address of where my item was going to be shipped to. I told them that I wanted to just cancel my order then and they said I couldn't! So I then said I would call my credit card company and dispute the charges...the manager David Osario at that point said, ok I will cancel and refund your order. I said that is great. He said...but I will then charge you a $45 -$50 cancellation Fee!!! I said that is outrageous...I don't want to cancel it then, just leave it be. He said NO, I'm cancelling it and I'm charging you the $45-$50 fee because you said you were going to file a dispute with your credit card company!!! I said you can't do that! He said " I can do anything I want!! I told him not to cancel my order and that I would manage to get my package. He said it was too late...he was going to cancel it and charge my card more! WHAT KIND OF THUGS RUN THIS COMPANY??? I hung up the phone shaking! I called Fedex and managed to have the package rerouted to a local Fedex holding station near my home. The package was delivered there, Fedex called me to let me know it was in, I was going to go pick it up but withing a few hours I got notification that Leatherup had managed to create another tracking number and had it shipped back to them...but yet I still had paid for this item...and they took it back! These people are Thieves!!! I called my credit card company and told them everything that was going on...they could not believe it. The charge is now being disputed and they are watching my card to make sure they don't try to charge anything else. Of course they deleted all my account login information from their website so I couldn't go on and post any reviews of them on their website too!!! The only good thing I can say about this is that I used a good credit card company that is going to back up my purchase and fight this for me and I will get my money back from these crooks.

Oct 18, 2013
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  • Ka
      Apr 23, 2012
    LeatherUp.Com - Zero customer support, unfair and dishonest business practices
    United States

    Zero customer support, unfair and dishonest business practices. It doesn't matter what price they promise you as they simply steal the money.

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