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Los Angeles, CA, United States

Leatherup shows a "sizing table" for their pants on their website without the waist size. I sent them several messages and their answer was always "Give us a call"

When I called the answer was immediately "The numeric size is the same as the waist size" - I asked them why they would not give this information as a response to my emails, it appears that the company does not want to stand behind their information: I even talked to a supervisor, David who cut me off several times and would not explain either why they are having a problem to confirm that the waist size is the same as the numeric size. whenever I asked him what the problem was to confirm such a simple thing like "waist size = numeric size" in an email if they were able to say that over the phone, he turned hostile without answering the question.

What he said over the phone was also kind of contradictory: first he said "the waist size is the same as the numeric size" but then it was "each manufacturer is different, you can not exactly determine the size..."

It appears like this company has big issues with the sizes (I have seen many report of people who said that what they ordered was at least 2 numbers off).

Jan 10, 2013

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