Lancome Absolue Precious Cells Eye Serum / loreal / lancome refused to reimbursed bill as promised

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It is with much agony that I am writing this issue here and to share with all people who may have thoughtalways that Lancome / Loreal is a respectable brand.
This all started with my purchase of Lancome Absolue Precious Cells Eye Serum on 19th April 2014, which caused very bad allergic reaction to my eye areas. I viewed Lancome as a respectable brand and yet my personal experiences on thisaccount has now put my belief towards this well-known brand in serious suspension.
Since mid April, my encounters withvarious staff within Lancome / Loreal Malaysia has proved to be unpleasant, from the counter girl in Holiday Plaza Malaysia, Counter Manager, to various office representatives whom I thought to have better ability to handle consumer issues with greater care. All the above people have presented me with a picture what I never expect from a giant FMCG – failure in fulfilling what has been promised.

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      Sep 06, 2014

    (to continue...) The worst is a lady from Customer Advisory Department from Loreal Malaysia, who has taken over this issue. I have followed all that she requested from me, done them diligently and yet when it comes to time of settlement, she dishonoured her earlier promise made.

    To present you with just a few incidences: In one incidence, as she has claimed, she needed a consent letter from me BEFORE my visit with the dermatologist so that she can contact the doctor for my situation. She insisted on this and even though I was in great rush and responded that I would surely send her the consent letter immediately after my consultation she was not agreeable to this small request of mine. So as a customer I was made to rush. What is the time difference between sending to her the consent letter before and after a dermatologist appointment, which can be as short as ½ hour apart. A consent letter like this is clearly not a consent letter to be signed before an operation!

    Following this, as you can see from email below prepared by herself, she claimed that ‘…will be calling Dr xx for further follow up.’ (Refer to her email dated 11th July below) .The fact is, immediately after my first consultation with the Dr up till 28th August, no one from Loreal contacted the dermatologist. I as Lancome customer, however, was made to do various things to fulfill ‘her wants and needs, which include but not limited to asking for doctor medical report and consent letter, rushing from office to clinic during peak hours. She was extremely inflexible and unimaginably un-consumer-oriented.
    Her email dated 11th July 2014

    Thanks for sending us your report. Dr. xxx is indeed very kind to not charge you anything for the consultation & prescription.

    We will have a discussion with our own dermatologist and will be calling Dr. xxx for further follow up.

    Now when it comes to almost the end of this issue, the lady from Customer Advisory Dept tried to be funny with all her twisted words. She has promised on at least two accounts (refer to her own written email dated 22nd and 23rd July below) agreeing to make full reimbursement on my next visit with my dermatologist on prescription. No mentioning of further check with the doctor was stated. Only when I presented her with a bill on 26th August for reimbursement, she then took her on sweet time writting email to Dr xx on 28th August asking for ‘verification’.

    Email from the lady from Customer Advisory Dept Malaysia dated 22nd July

    Please send us your receipt of payment after your consultation with Dr. xx and we will proceed with the reimbursement.

    Email from the same lady again dated 23rd July

    Yes, as a gesture of goodwill, we will reimburse the consultation and prescription costs incurred during your next/third visit to Dr. xxx’s clinic. We note that your appointment will be a few weeks later. Kindly send us the payment receipt after your third appointment with Dr. xx and we will process the reimbursement accordingly.

    She as a staff receiving monthly paycheck from Loreal Malaysia needed me as a customer (clearly not paid by Loreal Malaysia in anyways) to send her a reminder asking for status of refunds. She has twisted words here again, as when I wrote email to her on 28th August asking for status of my reimbusement, she replied saying that “…our standard response time is within 2 working days…”

    If I were to give her a chase letter after 5 days, perhaps she would present me when her ‘justification’ again saying that ‘….our standard response time is within 5 working days…”

    No showing of care on my issue which she has claimed always to be an issue of a priority status. Neither has she done much on this issue. On reflection, it was me, as a customer of Lancome, who has been made running up and down to fulfil her words. Truly unbelievable!

    I am shocked to the core that a critical position such as Consumer Advisory is left in the hand of an inexperienced person. SHe has truly failed in her job, and she is holding a position of managerial level?

    Consumer Advisory is not simply about presenting beautiful image, taking pretty pictures with French ambassadors, or doing great PR.

    Loreal Malaysia has made me lost total trust in their company. I truly cannot believe that me as the customer was made to ‘fulfil their wishes and wants’ all the times and sometimes even without good justification, run up and down to get all documents that the company wished to see.

    I have spent too much time on this issue unnecessarily. Even up to the final moment when I thought I could rest this issue I am now made to believe that I need to continue to work on. This issue is truly amazing in the negative way.

    Loreal has this saying “You are Worth it”. I think it IS BETTER PUT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

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