La-Z-Boy / lazy boy recliner

Rockwall, TX, United States
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Vendor: P16582
Stock: HL827775 Maverick Power W
Sales Order: 0206604KRIB Customer code: GARRK119
Delivery date: 03/12/16
The headrest has lost color. The cleaner kit purchased is a joke. The extended 3 year warranty will not cover the continued replacement of the leather. I left message to call to the local Customer Service Rep, Sherrie Pryor on 1/4/17. Called back 1/5/17. She set up an appointment to the service tech for 3 weeks in the future 1/27. He arrived, looked at the delivery date receipt.
The Tech said the whole back of the recliner had to be replaced. If this damage can happen in such a short time, this would have to be replaced yearly. The "leather" (very questionable) does not have any durability. Lazyboy's mechanism might be of high quality; however, the leather looks and acts like a faux material that can NOT last. We have a leather sofa that is still going strong after 15 years. Yes, the recliners are comfortable, but if it is not going to last, then it is a total waste of money. I ask Sherry Pryor if we could pick out a fabric or get another recliner all together. No. I felt sorry for her. Lazyboy has given a title of Customer Service. It is not. She directs calls to the service tech, and writes the order for what they find. She has NO authority, and will not, even if she knew, a name, an address, an email, to a real person that had a voice or authority to do anything about your product. We are so disappointed with this buying decision. Her answer was to go to to voice my complaint. I couldn't find any place on that site to say anything about our situation. It seems evident that Lazyboy doesn't want to have return clients, or happy customers. Sherrie just wanted for me to say that I wanted them to replace the back of the chair, so that she could write up that order, and take the next call in line. REALLY??? I will really be surprised to hear back from anyone with a proper resolution. If you base quality only on the Mechanisms, and not the durability of the fabric/leather you are only kidding yourselves. Avoiding you customers by not having a real person to call or write by email is not customer service. Please contact me regarding this issue. Feeling Jipped! Mona Garrison, Keith Garrison's wife. Contact information: [protected], 119 E. Heath St., Rockwall, TX 75087


Jan 31, 2017

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