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11207 NE Holman St Portland Oregon 97220, Portland, OR, United States

I was staying at a La Quinta at Portland Airport #0265 on 1/5/19 and wanted to plan out my route to Kansas City, Missouri. I wanted to stay at La Quinta along my route. I used the computer in the lobby and attempted to print off the trip from the website with the hotels on my route. The hotel printer wouldn't print anything from the website - it had the url listed but the page was blank each time. I asked the clerk for assistance and he came over to try to print and couldn't get it to work either. I asked if he could print it from his computer and he attempted and couldn't get it to print. He informed me that he couldn't do anything else. I asked if he had someone in customer service that he could contact and he said, "I've tried to help you and it's not working". I agreed with him and asked if he could find a way to trouble-shoot this problem. "I don't know what else to do. I tried to print it and it's not working". We had another agreement about the issue but still no attempt to resolve it.

I contacted La Quinta customer care and asked if they could fax or email the route to the hotel to see if we could print it that way. I was told, "We are paperless and that goes against our policy of paperless". I mentioned that they could email the information and that doesn't use paper. They informed me that the clerk would have to print it off and that would go against company policy of paperless. I informed them that I am currently at a La Quinta and sitting next to a printer. I'm not sure how that doesn't go against their policy since printers use paper. The customer service rep said, "I can't help that, but this is our policy". I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. This seemed like a relatively easy problem to solve with just a little effort and customer service.

He transferred me to another person in Customer Care. She wasn't a supervisor and her name was Cathy. She spent time trouble-shooting the website and the phone app with me. She even had another rep use her phone to guide us through the full site on the phone to find the tool that was embedded and difficult to find. The app doesn't have this feature for planning a trip, but the full site does. She stuck with me until we were able to find the correct link to plan a trip from my phone. She was the only employee who spent a little extra time to make things right. The rest of weren't concerned with helping and could care less about assisting a customer. It accurately reflects most of the employees I've encountered here. We stay here because we know they are pet friendly and it takes the pain out of planning a long trip finding pet friendly hotels without pet fees.

Jan 5, 2019

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