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I took my boys to the 1 in Roanoke Va. The lady that assisted my 14 year old told him his gums where dead and his teeth looked like crap. She was very unprofessional. The dr. told my 18 year old he needs a root canal even though his roots are dead. He told her to just go ahead and pull it instead. That's when she told him she went to school and knows what needs to be done. The staff there is always in a hurry and seems to not care for the patients are their families. Needless to say my kids wait go back. After that day I got them a new dentist. No kid should be scared to go to the dentist.

  • Updated by kdanderson, Mar 19, 2017

    I forgot to put the date it happened. It was March 13, 2017.

Mar 19, 2017

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