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Kohl's Department Store / service

1 1710 Route 46 WWest Paterson, NJ, United States Review updated:

I visited the store with my infant son and was browsing and shopping. I shopped in the jewelry dept for a pair of earrings and looked at some rings that I decided not to purchase.
Upon paying and existing the store, I was confronted by a man stating he was store security and he began accusing me of steeling from the store! He suggested I had put items in my son's diaper bag and took me to his office where he and a female employee searched my son's bag and my pockets! They were visibly upset when they could not find the items on my person or belongings. The said they saw me take items and they wanted them back. I was treated as a common criminal, interrogated and searched! Never shop at another Kohl's store!!! I sent letters to their CEO, store manager, corp. headquarters, filed complaint to BBB and Consumer Affairs. How dare they treat me like this!!!

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  • St
      22nd of Aug, 2009
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    ok maybe my experience wasnt as bad as yours but... i went to kohl's store last night because i needed to get out the house to cool off after having an argument with my hubby... it was only place that stay open till late so i went in there (originally) just to browse but i ended up finding few things on clearance... i went up to a register and as i was taking items out the shopping bag and putting them on the counter the cashier asked me how i was going to pay for the items... i thought she was going to try to sign me up for their charge card so i said i do have kohls charge card but i will not be using it today with a smile to let her know that i knew the reason why she asked me how i was going to pay for the item.. but she just stood there instead of scanning items then asked again how i was going to pay for the item... i told her i was using $5 coupon and debt card... at that point she paged for her manager and continued standing there watching me unload my shopping bag... when manager came over she asked "are we still doing this?"??? he said go ahead and ring her up first then he asked to see my id i of course asked why and he said it was due to recent problems they were having with stolen credit cards and my purchase was $200+ so they are going to have to follow the standard procedure of checking my id!!!??? i should have cursed them out and walked out but i didnt want them to think that i was running away because i was guilty of something so i handed him my id... at that point another manager came over and started going through items i was purchasing which really got me saying to myself "no they are not doing this to me!!!" i am 1/2 asian and 1/2 black and last night i had my hair naturally "wild and curly due to rain :) " which made me look more black than asian and i was in "very white" neighborhood so at that time i realized i was being targeted based on my "color"!!! they told me that it wasnt the case and they follow same procedure with all customers making large purchase (is $275 purchase consider large purchase at overly priced store such as them???) i told him i find it very hard to believe that they will stop and ask for id for all customers making "large purchase" with credit card... also what is point of checking my id without matching it up with my debtcard!!! :) he didnt even look at my debt card he was just staring at my drivers license as he was trying to memorize my info or something!!! if they have to write down my driver license number or electronically verify my identity somehow using it that will make sense but otherwise they were just wasting my time and making me look bad!!! what bother me most right now is that cashier asked me how i was going to pay for my purchase!!! its sad that person well educated and kind as myself gets looked down at by a person making minimum wage working as a cashier just because of skin color!!! i know everything happen for a reason and that incident had me running back to my hubby looking for some comfort so we made up right away instead of battling for days... so thank you God for letting me run into those meanies please richly bless them and their family~ ...there i feel much better now :) i dont normally complaint about things but this case was pretty tough to move on from... i hope everyone treat others as how they want their kids, wife, husband, mother and father to be treated when they go out!!!

  • Ho
      25th of Dec, 2010
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    Well I am a Kohls employee first off the person at the register is a [censor] we call them the newbies cus they go to managers for almost anything that is pointless and. I agree the managers handled it very sugih and unusual since me working for Kohls and also we are defaulted at Kohls to check I'd so it's not the case bout your race it a Kohls thing

  • Na
      4th of Apr, 2011
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    Consumers need to look over there items very closely before purchasing. Twice now I have bought an item got it home and removed all tag inside item, due to the fact it bothers my skin. Only later to find out that the item purchased had big rips in them. First was a sweater a Christmas time. I brought it home packed it in my siut case and when I took it out found out it had a big rip in the elbow. Just this last week I purchased two pairs of geans, again removed tag, etc.not thinking anything like the before would ever happen again HA! I was at the store and was told I had two huge rips on the side of my pant leg. I came home to check the other pair and sure enough the same thing. To late to return all tags are removed now I have to try to patch them. I've desided I will no longer shop there.

  • Mo
      4th of Apr, 2011
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    It is so ignorant and so convienent to say it happened because of your race.

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