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Kmart In Augusta, Ga 1647 Gordon Hwy, Augusta, Ga - Is Closing Down Next!! / loss of due to constant compliants of racism & unethical business practices

1 1647 Gordon HwyAugusta, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (706) 733-2292

Thank god for justice!! Lousy department stores; like, the k-mart stores in augusta, ga | 1647 gordon hwy, and washington rd - augusta, ga, & 310 e martintown rd north augusta, sc - are shutting down, because of incompetent & abuse-of-power managers, discriminating against employees, firing good associates, while keeping on mostly women who are horrible employees. Theft & corruption allegations against kmart branch managers, and constantly falsely accusing black customers for shoplifting, when usually their own associates are stealing from the company (Kmart mangers; like: cliff & charolette - have recently been accused of theft from the company, and sexual harassment)... Sears (Another racist dept. Chain-who is the real owner of the k-mart label) , is even considering dropping the kmart franchise (Taking over in 2004) , no wonder they keep losing employees, and closing down stores!! - because they're all idiots, and don't know how to treat good people, so good riddens, and thank god for the department store chain, for finally getting their "come-up-ins"!!!

I hope that one day - the racist ###, who run the wal-mart stores will be next...
***a footnote to all the racist & feminist ### in america - "what goes around comes around".. Poetic justice is a ###!!!

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  • Re
      18th of Aug, 2012
    +1 Votes

    You sound like a real well educated, non-biased person, don't you? I would be willing to bet that you don't have proof for 95% of what you posted. The KMart/Sears stores have been having financial problems for years. It started well before the two combined. KMart used to be a good store, but since the late 90s they have went down hill, and I don't think it is for the reasons you stated. Where I live it is because the stores are so crowded in the aisles that a person using one of their electric carts to shop can't hardly get through them. The over crowded aisles aren't because of customers, it is because of pallets of merchandise in aisles that aren't wide enough for that. Also the few times I have been in one or the other of the stores here, when I have asked an employee where a certain item is located, they just point and say in such and such an aisle. The other discount stores, WalMart, Target, etc. their employees take you to the aisle and make sure you find the item. Also at KMart there isn't a decent place for a person to sit and wait for a ride home. I haven't been to KMart several years.

  • Wi
      18th of Aug, 2012
    +2 Votes

    "SEARS (another racist dept. chain-who is the real owner of The K-Mart Label), is even considering dropping the KMART Franchise (taking over in 2004)"

    umm not quite.

    Kmart (originally Kmart Holdings), bought Sears (originally Sears, Roebuck, and Company), forming what is now Sears Holding Company.

    Not only are your facts borderline ###ed, but you have been posting the same complaint multiple times over the past week using different user names.

    OK, we get it, you were fired from Kmart because you were either incompetent, or you stole something and are now projecting your baseless accusations of racism against them because now that you are unemployed, you have nothing better to do in between The Maury Show and Jerry Springer.

  • Te
      4th of Sep, 2016
    0 Votes

    I lived around the corner from the Kmart on Gordon get and I have shopped therr. About 95% of their employees were African American so I'm not sure how they were racist when even the people in charge were African American. Um maybe the closing had to do with the rude employees and the fact that they would stand in the costumer service center and laugh and curse hanging out with each other. Or that they thought it was hysterical to allow a homeless drunk man dressed in women's clothes to hang out in there and talk to the employees while people were trying to shop with their kids. Or how about the fact that when you bring your items up to pay for them the cashier rolled her eyes as if you were bothering her when if fact that was her job. Good riddence

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