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KLM / no customer care

1 Malaysia Review updated:

KLM have no regard for their customers.

My son was travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Aberdeen via Amsterdam on a late night flight. We got him to the airport in good time, he checked in in good time, he was at the departure gate - in good time.

But there was a message on the TV monitor at the gate saying a KLM flight to Amsterdam had a change of gate. All a bit confusing apparantly so he spoke to a member of staff who said yes, he should go to this other gate a train ride away, which he did.

Turns out KLM have two flights going to Amsterdam at much the same time and it was the other one that had a gate change, not his, staff person wrong. My son missed his flight.

KLM could not have done less if they had tried. Total disinterest.

Best airport KLM staff would offer was to say he should turn up for tnext day's flight which was fully booked - if there was a cancellation they would let him on for 400Euros. All KLM staff then disappeared for the night.

He phoned us so we called KLM trying to work out how to get him home. Staff on the phone not interested, said their records showed he had not even checked in and just said we'd have to buy a new ticket. Very unhelpful made no suggestions, no 'how unfortunate, let's see what can we do to help, '

Because of work commitments, my son needed to get back to the UK urgently.

According to the internet there were seats on the other KLM flight for the next night. It turns out that flight is operated by Air Malaysia which is probably why KLM staff never mentioned this as a possibility.

My son had been told the KLM office opened again at 8.30am so he decided to stay at the airport to either bag a cheap cancellation seat or, as they were saying he would have to do, purchase a new ticket.

KLM office did not open at 8.30! Not open till 3pm.

Thankfully I had gone to the airport to fetch him. And fortunately the airport information desk were quite helpful and gave us number for KLM office in the city. So we went there and at first they just said tonight's flight fully booked so nothing they could do - again no hint of human compassion for a very upsetting situation.
In fact, the woman made sneering comment that Ross's original ticket was the cheapest possible, so they could not help in any way.
I explained Ross needed to get home urgently but they still didn't mention the other flight.
Only when I said there were seats on the other flight she said yes there were but he would need to buy a new ticket costing 5, ooo RM /£1000 not a penny less!

Perhaps KLM had no part in my son being sent to the wrong gate, but as a young man who could become a valued customer, he was shown no customer care whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Airline staff did their very best to be helpful while he was at the airport - tried hard to find a routing that would get him back to the UK on time, allowed him to recharge his phone at their desk, were sympathetic and kind.

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  • Dm
      11th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    KLM should be sued, it seems that's their strategy, lying about schedules and being utterly impolite.

  • Pe
      7th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Shortly after taking off we were served drinks and a small packet of almonds. I did not see any ingredients listed, and I ate the nuts. Later I did see that almost invisible were the ingredients, which included MSG (E621) "flavor enhancer and a couple of other enhancers as well. MSG is a known "excitotoxin" and has been found to cause brain damage. I talked with two pursers who said that MSG was no problem as it was such a small quantity. He also said that KLM's science department and the food staff felt that MSG was a good additive. I was shocked and terribly disappointed. Later I also noted that the flight staff was cheerfully offering oriental noodles to the passengers. Once again, the noodles are not the problem (as were not the almonds), it is the paket that comes with the noodles--again containing MSG. I realize that the Filipinos are culturally fond of this product and it is found in nearly all Filipino restaurants. But it is still a POISON. At least you should let your passengers know what you are giving them. My sincere hope is that the food you cook and serve on your flights contains NO MSG. I cannot express to you the disappointment and surprise at my discoveries on this flight. As well as at the inept manner of response by your pursers. The subject of Aspartame in "light" beverages was brought up too. This is yet another neural toxin; I am sure that by now most people already know they are choosing this. In terms of MSG, the public awareness is not at that level yet, and I note that usually when MSG is added (as in your "delicious bites" packets) the ingredients are either printed so small they cannot be read, or nearly invisibly as in the case of the almonds. [Google excitoxins if you do not believe me. KLM, purporting to be so "green" and of the first world, should not condone the presence of MSG or other excitoxins in the food it prepares. Unless you are purposely and cynically catering to the tastes of the migrant workers who make up the majority of your passenger load. Is this your new cuisine motto: "A little bit of brain damage is good!"?] This is written to KLM but they willnot let me email it to them. Flight KL803 Amsterdam to manila on Oct. 26, 2010.

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