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Kingdom Management / Unfair Billing practices

1 12620-3 Beach Blvd. #301, Jacksonville, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (904) 646-2626

Kingdom Management is the property management for my neighborhood and I was not aware of when it changed to them. My homeowner association dues for 2010 had been scheduled to be paid to the old property management company. I do not live at the property and only became aware of the property management change when I was forwarded a letter from Kingdom management stating that the account was delinquent and had 2 weeks to pay before it was sent to collections. The date when I received the letter was July 23 2010. I immediately contacted Kingdom Management and told them I needed to make the payment; they directed me to their website where I was redirected to the BB&T bank website to make the payment online. I made the payment and informed Kingdom Management of the payment made and my address change. In mid-December 2010, I received the bill for the 2011 association dues. I sent a check from my Bank of America account which was deposited by Kingdom Management and cleared my account on 12/23/2010 check 485 for $60.00. This amount covered the 2011 dues in full paid several weeks in advance of the due date. March 2, 2011 received a letter from a collection office stating that the account had been turned over to them and they requested a $368 payment. On the same day I contacted the collection company and asked for a statement and explanation, instead and while I was waiting for an account statement they recorded a lien against my property and sent me a new bill for $ 817.17. This while I was waiting on them to clarify the supposed delinquency; this practice was highly unprofessional and unfair. I contacted Kingdom management to request a statement to see when my payments had posted and why they claim I am delinquent. I was refused a statement and was told they would not speak to me and I had to deal whit collections. Collections refuse to provide a statement and want to charge me $800 in fees for a $70 bill which was paid and accepted by Kingdom Management.


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  • Ki
      9th of Aug, 2012
    Best Best Advice +9 Votes

    These people are junkyard dogs and ###!

  • Pi
      13th of Aug, 2012
    +7 Votes

    I'm a home owner in Secret Hills neighborhood have been here going on eight years last year our HOA decided to hire Kingdom Management to run our Association they were shoved down our throats by our board of directors with out a vote from the home owners.
    I have never been more displeased in my life than I am right now. All they are is a hired strong arm company and as well as you know you strong arm any one you will get some progress. This company does nothing but harass people to collect revenue and foreclose on people's homes so they can line there pockets. Like I said I've lived here eight years when I moved in my Association fees were only a hundred dollars a year now they have doubled . None of our common areas have been taken care of ( other than mowing) we have two lakes in our common areas that when I first moved here my boys could fish them now I would not let my dog pee in them, every other shrub in our front area is dead we asked the HOA to put up some Christmas decorations up and what we got was a strand of lights and about eight Christmas balls out of some body's attic and take in mind our HOA fees are 200 dollars a year (8000 a year to Kingdom Management ) I have paid my HOA fees here every year and it has gotten no better so as far as I'm concerned the can all kiss my ---- until we as home owners get what we pay for and yes Kingdom Management SUCKS...

  • Fr
      4th of Apr, 2013
    +6 Votes

    My husband and I purchased a home in Oakleaf Plantation in 2007. We moved there from Texas for his business. We moved back to Texas in 2009 due to parent illness, then subsequent passing. As you know, the market hit bottom in Florida and after a year and a half of paying two mortgages and trying to sell the OLP house, we finally got a leasing company and got it leased. It has been leased since then.

    The problem with being over 1, 000 miles away is that you can't physically drive by and see things for yourself. We too get letters about "weeds" and "brown patches" in the yard. They come as "First Notice" and "Final Notice." All with threats of 21 days or else. We have friends in the area, so we have flown back each year for Memorial Day to stay with them. We do a drive by of our house there. Compared to many of the rental homes and the general common areas, our yard looks like a golf course.

    Our leasing company says they keep an eye on it and that the family that leases it is responsible for weeds. We do pay to have it mulched and sprayed. Last year KM was so ugly to me in threatening us about a couple of spots in the yard that were brown. As with some of you, we got a certified mailing from an attorney. And subsequent fees for said attorney. I called the attorney myself and spoke with the secretary. She was very sweet and gave me some advice, but that's about it.

    We, like most, are not made of money. Our renters don't pay the entire mortgage as the market will not support that. So with what they pay, and the percentage the leasing company takes, we get three-quarters of the mortgage payment. We put in the rest. So every month we shell out close to $3, 000 in two combined mortgages.

    We have never missed any payments on either home. We pay our dues to the HOA in both Florida and Texas, and are in good standing. We have excellent credit and strive to maintain that at all cost. We could have let it go back, but that's not who we are. My husband has MS, but is still working. I own my own business and am working as much as I can, as we don't know how his future will play out. So having to deal with harassment by KM is very stressful. The harassment was so bad, that we pulled from our savings to have the yard completely replaced because we weren't there to see and fix the brown patches.

    In September of 2012, our leasing family was transferred after being in the home for two years. So from that point to February 1 of this year, it was back on the market for lease. We couldn't put it on the market for sale because the market is still down. We don't want to go to the bank and still owe after the sale. So our leasing company made sure it was in excellent shape including the yard, while showing it. After all, first impression is everything. So we know it was kept up and looking great.

    Last weekend, we received two letters. Not surprised! However, these two letters confirmed to us that harassment is the way this company and Ms. Jarnu operate. They both read that they were predicated on a March 20, 1213 property inspection. They were both crafted and mailed on the same day, March 27, 2013. One letter stated that there were weeds in the yard and that it needed to be taken care of within 21 days or fines would be assessed. This letter had "First Notice" at the top. The second letter stated that there were weeds in the garden and that it needed mulch/rock, and gave the same 21 days to get it taken care of before fines were assessed. This letter had "Final Notice" on the top. There had not been a "First Notice." So you can see where I'm going.

    Isn't it somewhat curious that both issues were noted on the same day, letters written on the same day, and mailed on the same day. Isn't it interesting that one was "First Notice" and the other "Final Notice."
    Could it not have made sense to put both issues in the same letter to type and mail, with "First Notice" on it?

    It could be said that doing it the way they chose to would be much more intimidating, yes?

    As with every year, we are doing what we need to in order to get these weeds taken care of. Gee!

    Now, every year, we get this type letter. And every year we do what we can to fix the weeds. And every year I send Ms. Jarnu an email requesting information about our HOA Board and newsletter. She refuses to answer my email and refers it to her secretary. They send me to the website, which by the way, is the worst website in the entire WWW. I can't get in and what I do see is worthless.

    I request the names and contact information of our current HOA Board members. I would like to visit with them. I request getting the current newsletters so that I can keep up with what is happening in the neighborhood. She ignores my email, my requests, and my phone calls. I spoke with her once, and she was extremely rude. I don't usually get upset, but she really knows how to push buttons.

    I am requesting that information again. In three days, she has not responded. Her secretary, Kim, has. She has given me, and you guessed it, the website. Again, it's not working and it gives me gibberish when I put in my name and password to get in. So clearly, it's not functioning. I need that information.

    If any of you, who are living in the area now, including "Pay Your Bills On Time." and "HOA Board, " have this information, please post it on here. That way anyone in my situation will have it. And for those who are upset that some of us are complaining, don't judge us. My husband and I are 100% homeowners, paying dues, in good standing. We have earned the right to be treated with dignity and respect as such. It's our legal right as homeowners, paying dues, in good standing to have all of this information any time we ask for it. And having a few weeds does not constitute mistreatment and disrespect. Oh, and by the way, when we lived there, it was immaculate. I have pictures!

    Oh, and get this. They, obviously, know we own the home, as they send us these letters every year. Yet, when our last leasing family wanted to get pool passes, KM sent us a letter to fill out a form, with SS numbers, and have it notarized, and mail it back giving permission. Please, I'm not giving out my SS number to them, and I don't want to have to go out and find a notary. They know we're the owner, call or send us an email and ask if they have permission, and give their kids the stupid pool passes. REALLY? COME ON MAN!!!

    Okay, so thanks for reading. I feel better now. But I still have to deal with this year's weed letters. We will be in Florida in May. So again, we'll do a drive by. Come on market!!! :oD

  • Ca
      27th of Jun, 2013
    +5 Votes

    Funny thing here they threaten people who live at their properties those who have paid their dues but they DO NOTHING to the Squatters who move in to any vacant home they manage, They pay NO dues, NO Property Taxes and they are normally in the rears for 1 or more years and NO ONE does anything about they just try to collect from those who pay and try and get them to pay for those who don't pay:

  • Ma
      13th of May, 2015
    +4 Votes

    Last year KM attempted to foreclose my house for $70 that could have been added to the house as a lien but decided to add an attorney to it. The bill rose to almost $2700 when it was all set an done and all because I was having multiple medical bills due to an early retina detachment of both of my eyes and a subsequent back surgery for my husband. This put us in a financial hardship; but never thought it could lead to us losing our home of 15 years. All the association does is harass its members with the threatening letters so the final question is, what does a member do to boot them out of your neighborhood? anyone knows? please inform me as I have a few members already upset with their practices.

  • Js
      12th of Jan, 2012
    +3 Votes

    I had something similar happen. I did not receive a bill at all in 2011 from Kindom Management. When I called the lady Sherrie, she said they would send another bill. They didn't. By the time I called her back again to let her know I still had received NO BILL, my account had been sent to collections. Why did Kindom Management offer no service in terms of emailing me the bill, faxing it, taking a payment over the phone or offering for me to come to the office and pay it?

    The first bill that I got from collections was $300 plus. I called Sherrie iin an attempt to get the mistake corrected and get everything reversed. She was not professional nor reasonable about the issue. Then I got a bill for $700+ and a threat to foreclose on my home. Yes, all this over $60 and some horrible service from Sherrie and Kingdom Management. Where has all the decency and good faith gone?

    -J. Smith

  • Kk
      15th of Nov, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @J Smith . Hi J. Smith,

    My name is Kelsey, and my husband and I are going through the same situation with Kingdom Management. What was your result?


  • Ss
      16th of Mar, 2017
    +3 Votes

    Kingdom Management took over our property shortly before we moved North and started renting it. Since we left we have been threatened twice for trash cans being left out and are now being threatened because our yard needs sodding. I have spoken to several of my neighbors and hear that our yard is fine and that most of our neighbors are unhappy with Kingdom Management. I have called Kingdom Management twice and left messages, and still have not received a call back. We pay our HOA fee every year and according to the neighbors our tenants are fine. The general consensus is that Kingdom Management is taking advantage of us because they know we live out of town! I have properties in other states also being managed by companies and do not receive threatening letters from those HOA's. I think the problem here is Kingdom Management is using strong arm tactics to take advantage of those who are not around to defend themselves. I am leaving one more message tomorrow then talking to a lawyer. I have no use for bullies, in business or otherwise, and am glad I found this board! I almost forgot the best part! They broke through the cul-de-sac at the end of our street and built rentable affordable housing! Who knows who our neighbors are now but we must have fresh sod! And I also heard from one of my neighbors that he complained so much at meeting about Kingdom Management that they no longer invite him to the meetings, that sounds illegal!

  • Ja
      14th of Jul, 2017
    +3 Votes

    As a 15-year resident of Hawkins Cove, paying my ever-increasing annual dues to Kingdom Management, I have been threatened with legal actions because I built a small paver stone patio & planter next to my driveway where the grass wouldn't grow under the tree. Every one of the past 10 years I have had to re-sod the same area, spending about $80, then watching it turn to weeds and sand by summer's end. I actually submitted plans to the ARB and waited about three weeks before starting. The weather was turning hot and humid and I needed to finish the project. I used professional construction techniques from a Home Depot book, and the project received good reviews from my neighbors. I wanted a project to be proud of and that would add value to my home. As soon as it was done, the threatening letters from Kingdom Management started up. I have gone through the entire community and noted dozens of similar planters and driveway side creations made of border stones, mulch and crushed rock. Because I used paver stones I am being harassed and threatened. The pavers are not cemented, but held in place by gravity and a few removable screws. I am a 20-year military veteran, I have paid my mortgage, taxes and HOA fees on time, and I volunteered as webmaster to create and maintain a nice informative website for Hawkins Cove for more than eight years. As soon as Kingdom Management took over, they "appropriated" the website and used their hired help (at HOA cost) to manage it. I have many neighbors who are "P.O."'d by this company's heavy-handed and unequal treatment of residents.
    I didn't vote for this group to run our neighborhood, and when the opportunity presents itself, I will vote to have them removed.

  • An
      1st of Mar, 2013
    +2 Votes

    All this stories has a similar outcome and purpose. This HOA has a long history of unfair practices and continues providing the worst services ever, starting from customer services to managing the property areas. They think that charging home owners with extra "fees" and threatening them with foreclose their homes is the only solution for collect revenue. BEWARE OF THEIR PRACTICES... BUT, THERE IS ALWAYS A LEGAL SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEMS. SUE THEM!

  • On
      26th of May, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Moved into the neighborhood 2 years ago and received a letter from kingdom management for a fine of $1000 for something that happened before I bought the house. 2 weeks ago I treated my lawn for weeds and received a letter saying I need to resod my yard. Ten days later a letter from a lawyer threatening a fine. Contacted them letting them know that the yard was treated for weeds and today got a bill for legal fees. Oh yea I finally got a copy of the Association guidelines after the letter from the lawyer.

    Wish I could fine them for the poor upkeep of the public areas in the neighborhood. Entrance has weeds and spots of dead grass. WTF am I paying a yearly association fee for. So they can fine me for having brown spots in my yard after treating it for weeds.

  • Ho
      26th of Nov, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Try to disagree with your remarks and I got booted each time. Lets try neutral...

  • Ha
      21st of Dec, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Sherrie Jarnu with Kingdom Management is charging for fines placed on me without appropriately notifying me. She told me 2 months ago that the fine will be voided as I was not notified of violations which resulted in fines. Yet, she continues to impose the fine on me. Also, I have received violations for issues not pertaining to my property (e.g. I was given violation for fence needing repair, when the property doesn't even have a fence). When I try to reach her, she is not reachable. Her office does not reply back to my emails, and when called her office refuses to get to talk/email her directly. I am not the only one with such issues, a simple google search will reveal the numerous complaints about her and her company. This person and her company do not serve the interests of home owners, impose fines inappropriately, and they need to be inspected and shut down.

  • Ho
      13th of Oct, 2012
    -3 Votes

    I must our Condo association hired Kingdom Mngmt two yrs ago and have been very happy with their ability to collect past due assesments, we were at 38% non-payment when they took over and it is now down to 25%.
    I personally do not like having to pay for others to receive the services for free (trash pick-up, lawn care) that I pay for.
    There are some people who have their dues withdrawn from their bank accounts automaticly each month but fail to attend HOA meetings and keep informed of changes. They also do not keep track of what bills are paid from their account each month. It isn't Kingdoms fault these people do not keep track of what is or isn't getting paid.

    Kingdom Mngmt only sucks to those who do not pay the bills they are responsible for.
    If a HOA board does not collect from those who do not pay then they need to be replaced.

  • Pa
      4th of May, 2012
    -4 Votes

    I was just doing a little web surfing and found this page. It just goes to show how stupid people can be. How can you own a home and not pay your bills. It’s always somebodies else’s fault. Would they pay their food bill on time?

  • El
      2nd of May, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @PAY YOUR BILLS ONTIME Shut up. You clearly havent been on receiving end.

  • Ca
      7th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    After terminating our contract with Kingdom Management, we were so disappointed with their lack of commitment. We asked for deadlines to have projects requested completed. Their response we don't have deadline. What???!!! I had never heard of such. No deadline means we will drag it out and they did. Melissa Mintz represented our community. If I give her a request, I never knew if it was getting done or not. It was done slowly or possibly not at all. Requested a aerator and later found out she requested a fountain; which cost more. She was not truthful and leading to believe my request was handled. They didn't return items that belonged to us. After contract ended they refused to respond to our requests. All I can say is beware they are unprofessional and i'm glad we got rid of them. There is so much that has to be cleaned up. We're tired of paying vendors and/or companies that are eagerly to be paid and slack when it comes to service. We are terminating vendors that are for the money only.

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